What Kind of Mark is This?

Opened one of those Shining Legends lunchbox tins the other night and got the cool card. The front appears to be fine but on the back of the card there are some white marks. Only on the top and bottom of the card, is it a roller mark or something? I can’t feel any of the marks with my finger. No, I will not try with my tongue next.



I have had a few FA’s from breakthrough like that. I think its when the inks not dried properly and sheets get stacked ontop


What a waste:(

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Braille dots? Serect message??


My lab Mewtwo is the same way. Very disappointed.

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Hm, that kind of makes sense then because the dots aren’t like dents or anything. Probably some cards out there that were touching the back with some rare pattern on them now lol :blush:

@garyis2000 Yea kinda sucks, but at least it’s on the back I guess.

@puslar3 Hahah, glad I got their experimental card.

@jdlawr03 That sucks to hear, guess we were the lucky ones lol

I wanted to make a post like this, I have a lab mewtwo with that same problem and a few full art charizards from evolutions.
Is it something in the printing process?
When I pulled the lab mewtwo I looked at the commons/uncommons in the packs, and none of them has this problem.

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A booster print sheet never rarely contain mixed rarity. C/UC, regular rares, holo rares and special rares all have individual sheets, cut cards are put together later to have the 1 rare, 1 reverse holo, c/uc/energy combination. So it’s possible if you open a whole box or case, all full arts got the same print defect, or 120 cards are miscut (size of full sheet). Theme decks are on a sheet as a whole with exception for the holo card, so a print defect on one non-holo can be on all of them.


I have a Gardevoir EX FA and Primal Groudon EX FA from Primal Clash with a similar defect on the back side as well. Could the Full Art texture cause it in the printing progress? If they are in a stack with other FAs it could cause that but I’m not sure


On shining legends set these particular marks, on the secret rare Mewtwo, are very consistent on the exact same spot

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My first lab Mewtwo was like that and was pretty disappointed

Just pulled a second this morning without it =D

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My Lab Mewtwo is like this as well. I’ve seen photos of PSA 10s on Ebay with these markings, so maybe PSA is not downgrading for this?

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Interesting to see so many others have the same marks. Is there a way to check serial numbers or something for the cards? Is there some way to email Pokemon to inform them of the cards?

Well the reason I pointed out the c/uc was that I think this only happens on UR, maybe even only on textured full arts.

I think the printing error/drying error can happen to any sheet but I have to agree, I think it’s more common on the textured and full art cards just because of the (I just assume) more ink needed.

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