What the heck did I just buy?

I remember seeing these in here but I don’t remember where specifically, anyone remember what these are and if they’re rare? Haven’t seen these for sale anywhere ever since I started collecting.

if you check out Scott’s collection website… You’ll see those

Thank Elam, but I don’t know most of the users by name. :confounded:

Could you please point me out to his website? Thanks.


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Japanime posted about these in his collection thread a while back. They are the first version of “Teach” cards. Pretty rare, as the only other ones I’ve seen are Japanime’s.
There are newer versions released in recent years that multiple members here have.

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Thanks for the info mate, It’s been tough finding it. Good to hear they’re rare, it’s always nice to unknowingly having purchased a rare item. :]

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get these? :open_mouth:

Y!J :blush:

What in the world did you search?

That’s the odd part, I was just browsing and stumbled upon them. The cards where facing down so that peaked my curiosity. Here’s the Auction: