What is this?

Was searching through an old box sitting in the closet, not sure if this is anything but it just stood out cause I don’t have anything like it. Probably nothing but just curious if anyone has seen this or these.

Sorry I know the quality is bad.

Topsun promo cards (non-TCG though)… They were released exclusively in Japan in 1995 and if I recall correctly were distributed through packs of gum. You can check ebay for prices


to go into more detail with what acd12209 said. They are the first Pokemon card ever made, and the only set that was introduced before Mew. There’s 2 version, blue back cards and green backs. The blue back are considered the first print run, and rarer, while the green backs would be the second print.

Some of the blue back cards have an error where they don’t have a number next to the name of the character in the front. In pure speculation, but I believe these were the actual first print of these cards, and Topsun (Topseika, the direct translation) company changed the design after to include the character pokedex number.

There’s also 16 holo cards, that from what I’ve read were available in one of every ten packages. These cards are quite rare, and very hard to get a hold of.

Two cards were packaged together with a piece of gum in a package that looks looks like this: