Beginning of Pokémon 1995/1996

What cards were created during this beginning period of Pokémon? This includes non TCG cards. From what I’ve been able to research there was the 1995 Topsun cards which has some debate when they were originally created. There was also Japanese Base in 1996 and well as some Bandi cards I know little about. Were there any promos or other non TCG related merchandise released during these 2 years? Any information would be greatly appreciated. @cullers


topsun are the first cards no debate i think the debate is about when the holofoil were printed :blush:

You pretty much got it. Topsun in ‘95, Bandai had a set in ‘96, tcg in ‘96, there was also asobikata pikachu and jigglypuff promo cards released in ‘96. Meiji’s first set came out in ‘97, Nissui released there set in ‘98, the only one I don’t know the year releleased would be Tomy. There’s some more obscure non tcg sets, but I either don’t know their release date, or it was earliest ‘98.

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No rarity are the true first edition

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Topsun cards were distributed in 1997, not before :wink:

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Where did this quote come from, and what does it even mean?




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The Pokemon scratch card was released by Tomy in May 1997 ( First photo’s and data were published in 1997 Corocoro comic #6 )

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It’s an inside joke/meme but is more popular than NR. :wink: