What should the Poké Card Creator Set be worth?

Recently, a PSA 10 Pikachu from the Poké Card Creator Set sold for $36,000. This card has a very small pop and is difficult to grade in a PSA 10 (conditional rarity driving prices). However, the set generally has some level of rarity too: ~5,250 of each card exists.

Here are the most recent comps for PSA 10/9 alongside the year that the most recent PSA 10 was sold in.

Treecko [10 (Year)/9]: $861 ('22) / $300
Wurmple [10 (Year)/9]: $600 ('23) / $216
Torchic [10 (Year)/9]: $1,169 ('23) / $300
Mudkip [10 (Year)/9]: $1,260 ('22) / $500
Pikachu [10 (Year)/9]: $36,000 ('24) / $1,400

Is the set currently priced right? Is it overpriced or underpriced?


The Poké Card Creator Pack is a collection of cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game with illustrations from the winning entries of the Kids’ WB! Poké Card Creator Contest.

Applicants aged between 5 and 15 could create an image of one of five pre-selected Pokémon and submit it to Kids’ WB! between February 16 and April 10, 2004.

Pokémon USA designed five new cards using the winning illustrations. A total of 5,250 packs were distributed in July 2004; 50 packs to each of the five grand prize winners, and one pack to 5,000 first prize winners. The pack is packaged in a foil pouch like most other expansions, but none of the cards are tournament legal.

The Poké Card Creator Pack cards were exclusively released in English.


Please note that I have some level of bias, which I have previously documented here, here, and here. I will try to be as objective as possible, but understand that I own these cards and I love them a lot.

I expect the difference in price between a PSA10 and a PSA9 will, with time, reduce. However, I think this result will be an anomaly for a while. That said, I expect the set as a whole to increase in value. The cards are wholly underrated. I do not yet have a copy of each, but I wish to soon.

Mudkip looks cool, but mudkips always are cool


I was literally thinking about this, since I’m saving money for the torchic. It’s my favorite.

I would say it’s undervalued for what it is, but probably still too niche?

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This is one mini set i love and would really like to obtain one day, perhaps i’ll figure out a reason why i should get it but for now it’s a bit too pricy to buy without a real reason or framework. Kinda feels underpriced too so i think it has potential to skyrocket but for now i can live with my fomo

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I’ve always thought that this mini set is underpriced considering that there are supposedly only 5250 copies of each

I was looking into grabbing a sealed pack once upon a time to grade my own Torchic and try to grade and potentially sell the other cards in the pack to help pay for the Torchic. My understanding though after looking into these packs some more was that you’re lucky to even get a PSA 9 quality card out of the pack, which ultimately stopped me from getting one, and I just bought a PSA 9 Torchic and called it a day.

The $36k Pikachu seems like a bit much, but I do think these cards deserve to have a pretty significant premium for a 10.

5250 isn’t really that rare but at least some scarcity. Beautiful art. Wholly underrated but with reason, too niche. I’ve owned a few of these in PSA 9, and they were a little bit weak. Can only imagine how hard the 10s are to get.

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Great mini set!
I just sold a PSA 9 Mudkip for $600 and a PSA 9 Treecko for $475

Cool set, mudkip art underrated, pikachu psa 10 price overpriced. That could get you 2 really strong trophies and you could probably buy some psa9’s and crack and resub with that amount of $

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Definitely not overpriced. Undervalued set still. It needs more exposure.

It’s a goal for this year. Of the cards going for $200-$400 for cards in PSA 7-9, these are collection pieces that stand out to me as a good value in that price range.

I like when illustration contest cards are made by kids using art supplies (Marker, colored pencil, crayon) and the texture shows in the artwork.

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Some recent sales.


New sales. Now the cheapest graded mint Pikachu on eBay is $2,000.


We love a tide that lifts all boats

I may or may not have been picking up the entire set this year, so I’ll let you know if I think it’s undervalued after I do so :wink: