What is the D&P English set cards grail?

Asking this because I truly have no idea. I’m no expert on D&P, it’s probably the era I know least about. I feel like early WOTC, neo, eseries, ex gold stars, ex ultra rares, all have very clear set card icons/grails that define the era. Not many people would argue that zard isnt king of early WOTC or Rayquaza isnt king of the gold stars.

But what about D&P?
If I had to guess it would be one of these 3?? But I could also be wildly wrong.

  • Charizard
  • Leafeon
  • Glaceon
  • Lugia
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*Edit added afterthought SW lugia

Voting Leafeon as I think it showcases the DP era more than the remastered zard. It’s definitely one of the most sought after lv.x which are seen through the whole era so I think it’s worthy of the spot.


Do you think I missed any obvious contenders for the title? I based it off my very limited DP knowledge.

I do agree it would be lame if a remaster of another era was the best that a new era could do

(Maybe lugia SW? But again call me old fashioned but to me a new era should be able to stand on a grail from its regional dex and not have to lean on old fan favs, DP fans what say you)

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In terms of set cards the eeveelution are the big lv.x cards for sure and obviously that zard is iconic so you really covered the heavy hitters. You could make the argument for some of the reverse shinies, but those are more niche imo.

This vid I just watched details a lot of the low pop expensive lv. X too but it reiderates the eeveelution popularity we discussed above


I’m gonna throw lugia into the poll too. The Holo bleed is really cool imo

That holo bleed happens with zard in the set as well! Gives it a good identity.

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We should do a BW one after this. I’ve pondered it’s peak for a bit and think there are solid contenders

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There was really only ever one correct choice :fire::lizard:

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If we are considering what people at the time of release wanted it would be Leafeon.


There is more interest in the legendary Pokémon, Glaceon, Leafeon and Lucario. But I don’t think there is a clear front runner, especially if you take PSA 10 conditional rarity out of the equation.

Talk about a weak generation of cards :sweat_smile:


Marco is that you?

I like Torterra, reminds me of Chaurli from God Of War.

My vote would go to Leafeon Lv. X, though I think Garchomp Lv. X from Majestic Dawn is a sleeper. At least at the time it rivaled the Eevee evolutions.

Talking strictly value, it would probably go to Charizard. It being a random one off though makes it way less desirable to me. If they sprinkled the Squirtle and Bulbasaur lines remastered in 2 other DP sets though, it’d be a whole new conversation.

Gengar Lv. X was Platinum series - so not sure we’re counting those or not.

Apparently so! I’m doing the poll on ig and it’s the same. Leafeon and glaceon not even close! Is there a reason for that?

Are any of the legendary lv x cards super grail status? I can’t say I’ve heard much in that regard. I’ve at least seen people claim the ones above are top dog. It would make sense if the regional legendary pokemon were a main chase but Idknif they are

Idk I don’t remember people ever wanting Glaceon to the same extent :man_shrugging: Leafeon was also semi playable, I used it in a deck once with this clunky but fun combo.

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Especially the black star promos, yeah

I’d say the strongest Lv. X card is Darkrai Lv. X. Popular Pokémon and it has strong sales. Over 80 PSA 10 in 1st and UED and it still sells consistently for $400+ in Japanese.

But its not a grail. Its not acclaimed through the hobby, wanted by many but owned by few. I think your original post is correct. The Charizard reprint is the grail. Maybe the entire Charizard line or reprints and shiny cards from DPT. Nobody likes dp :grin:

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I didn’t collect at all during this period so I can’t really offer much. I would like to find some good arts however as I have seen a lot of nasty CG arts during this era (and B&W) that give me a vague, perhaps misinformed view that the art in general was a huge come down following WOTC and EX.

I can’t even bring myself to like that Lugia either. Just looks so generic and CG. Saw one for sale in person a few months ago (that was a bit worn to be fair) but had no interest in buying it.