Order of most expensive "set" cards

What do you guys think I felt this would be an interesting topic to talk about. I’m talking about cards you can pull from a pack not including error cards though. And I’m talking about them graded as a psa 10. Obviously we all know the first is 1st ed zard but next what shadowless zard? Then maybe 1st ed stoise? Hmm…anyway chime in guys!

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I wouldn’t mind seeing like a top 5 list of the most valuable cards PSA 10 from each set, would be interesting to look back on it in a couple of years and see if anything changed!


I’d say the top cards would most be Charizard.

PSA 10
1st edition shadowless Charizard
No rarity Charizard
Legendary collection Holo Charizard
Shadowless Charizard
1st edition shadowless Blastoise/Venusaur

This is where it gets confusing.
Generally you’ll have no rarity holos
Gold star: Rayquaza, latios, Latias, Charizard
1st Ed base holos other than the trip
Plasma Storm Blastoise/Charizard
Crystal Charizard
1st Ed Shining Charizard

Anyone else have a ideas of cards that sold over $1k.

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1999-2000 UK Charizard should fit somewhere in the top tier

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I’m dividing English & Japanese since I do not know Japanese well enough.

Today in English:

  1. 1st ed Base Charizard
  2. Shadowless Charizard
  3. 1999-2000 Charizard
  4. 1st ed Base Blastoise
  5. Legendary Collection Charizard

My opinion of how this list should look eventually:

  1. 1st ed Charizard
  2. Shadowless Charizard
  3. 1st ed Blastoise
  4. 1st ed Lugia
  5. 1st ed Venusaur
  6. 1999-2000 Charizard
  7. 1st ed Hitmonchan
  8. Gold Star Rayquaza
  9. Crystal Lugia
  10. Shadowless Blastoise
  11. LC Charizard
  12. Gold Star Charizard
  13. 1st ed Ho-oh

Honorable Mentions:
Expedition Mew & Mewtwo - top 100 cards
1st printing of Neo series holos (Umbreon, Espeon, Suicune, Raikou, Entei) - top 50 cards


These are the top 5 highest public sales of Eng cards for 2017 (highest individual sale, otherwise 1st Ed Zard hogs top 5)

  1. 1st Ed. Base Charizard ($18,600) 1 May 17
  2. No Damage Ninetales ($6,500) 25 Apr 17
  3. Shadowless Charizard ($5,600) 3 Jun 17
  4. Staff Charizard Evolutions ($5,129) 28 Mar 17
  5. 1st Ed. Blastoise ($3,500) 12 May 17

Gold Star Japanese Mew (1st ED or Unl.)


No love for 1st Ed. Neo Destiny Shinings in the future? D:

Due to the prices changing alll the time, trying to nail down a top 100 lets say would be very difficult.Are we talking only English standard cards from packs …the normal release cards?
The main ones would ofc be 1st edition holos from the early eras.Maybe if you cut down my generation it would be easier…but alot of work :stuck_out_tongue:
Its a great idea, though the prices fluctuate so much

When you say 1999-2000 charizard are you talking about the unlimited in a 10?

The 4th print base set made in UK unilimited version.

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