What is going on? XY3 Korean booster box pull rate!?

I opened up a boosterbox of korean xy3 cards. Only pulled one holo (R) and ond EX (RR), rest is only (un)common!

Is this normal?
am i just unlucky?
am i being cheated?

would love some info!

That is uhhh very strange…got any pictures?

What would you want pictures of?

I got dragonite ex and somekindof bat holo :wink:

Bought this one


All seemed legit, korean boxes are never sealed right?

I have never opened a Korean box but surely they are sealed as others?

And yeah I just meant pics of the box, maybe some evidence of tampering.

Korean booster box are sealed only with a small piece of tape. It’s very difficult obtain FA or rare cards from korean packs! I’ve bought 5 korean bw7 plasma gale box and only 2 FA cards, no shiny blastoise or charizard :slightly_frowning_face:

I allways wondered why korean booster boxes are so cheap on ebay,now I know.

Now I’ve seen on ebay some korean booster box with the same trasparent wrap of the english booster box… I need to know more information about the real seal of korean booster box (I’ve alredy sent a message to my korean friend)

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Wow that’s real bad. It almost sounds if the packs are weighed.
I don’t think that they are, but I always thought it’s real easy to scam people with the Korean boxes because I’ve never seen new sets with wrapped boxes.

Mystery solved! This is the reply of my korean friend.
korean pokemon card was officially distributed with the small tape on it because pokemon korean company had to cut down the factory price

but some box riped off while distributing so they sealed with big tape but the way was same

and the sealed version you saw is maybe the one from lotte mart or e mart like costco(whole sale mart),walmart in korea the kid took some of boosters from boxes and the mart wanted sealed version and pokemon company made solution.

I was in Korea last month, picked some boxes up. They are is you said, sealed by whichever shop is selling them. By the way, they are overpriced on eBay - better to ask your Korean friend to send them (if he is in Korea of course!) Booster boxes cost nothing there!

To answer your other question - that is definitely abnormal. I pretty much cleared the sets with a couple boxes of each.

I’ve always paid korean boxes less than 20$ include shipping :blush: