Secret rare Korean cards

I recently purchased 14 Korean Wild Blaze booster boxes over the course of six weeks. That’s 30 packs a box, 5 cards per pack. That’s 420 packs total. I pulled two secret rares in 14 boxes. That’s a 1/7 ratio. One secret rare for every seven boxes.

I’m assuming Korean secret rares are expensive given the ratios and the fact that I can barely find any pictures of them online.

What are the going prices? Does anyone really care about Korean Cards? Or secret rares for that matter?

I think that for newer sets especially the Korean market on eBay is tiny, base set gets some love but not much else.

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They do occasionally show up. The last one cost me less than $6 shipped.

That’s an amazing deal considering the pull rates. What card was it?

064/059 Brigette

Bought a box when I was in Korea just for funsies, got SR89 and RR55.

At least you got a couple Secret Rares. I’ve pulled 0 in 7 wild Blaze boxes I bought over several months :sob:

They aren’t worth much compared to English SRs and Japanese SRs. I’ve seen Mint SR M Charizard X sell for $20-25 about three times, and I bought the SR M Charizard Y for $25 last year.

Be careful who you buy boxes from. There was a seller with weighed boxes.

Oh, I didn’t realise that, but my pulls were roughly what they should be: 2-3 Exs per box. I did manage to pull a couple of full arts, so I don’t think I was buying from this seller you mention. Still no Secret Rare Zards or Kanga lol.

I’ve heared that those boxes are not so securely evenly packed as japanese and english. Some boxes have multiple, others have none.

I recall trading one away…was that you?

In my experience with Korean Wild Blaze, each box contains 6-8 holos with at least 2 ex’s. The pull rates were pretty consistent. I did get a box with only 1 ex which was annoying

My first box had 9 holos, second had 7. The ones from a supplier no longer around had 5.

that’s strange. the pulls have always been consistent for me. I am only talking about Wild Blaze. I can’t speak for other sets. Which set did you open? Also, I’ve never pulled more than 8 holos from a box. My best box was 8 holos, 2 ex’s and a secret rare

I read somewhere that it depends on where you get them from. Stores sometimes get boxes with randomly filled boxes, others are consistent. I didn!t get anything in my box, only one holo or maybe not even that

Where are the Korean cards printed? This random distribution seems to be the result of no quality control checks whatsoever.

That was Wild Blaze.

As in just for the one set?


Yup, it was me :blush: