EX Booster boxes

How big price tag would you put on following items ? Can’t figure out a solid price for these after looking ebay’s current + sold listings.

  • sealed EX Power Keepers booster box

  • sealed EX Legend Maker booster box

Also, do you think there will be lot of demand for boxes mentioned above in near future ?


Power Keepers seems to be the least valuable of all the ex series. I’ve bought some on ebay from 130 to 200. They have sold upwards of 275 from one of my buyers who had a case. There are gold stars and charizard in that set so it’ll always be popular. Value will go up but not a ton.

Ex legend Maker seems to be a much rarer box. Until this year (i also wasnt looking hard for it)I didn’t see many and now I’ve. Seen 6 to 10 boxes. I picked up one in a trade for 225 but that’s a steal. On ebay it auctioned for 339 or 359. This box is worth in the 325 to 400 range. It’ll keep going up because the box is rare and and there are gold stars. The gold stars aren’t as valuable in this set except for Regice which there are only 3.

Interesting results. Value of Power Keepers totally matches what other collectors have told me.

But Legend Maker is a lot more than I expected, wow. I assumed it to be in same range as Power Keepers because content of the box isn’t too desirable.

Thank you very much for your reply @hisoka107 . :blush:

No problem I thought the same about legend maker until I started seeing them sell. I don’t value the box or the set terribly high but that’s what people are paying. I’m just glad I’m almost do e with my gold star collection and can focus on the missing booster boxes.

Toy wiz has several booster boxes from the ex series but all are terribly overpriced. Ex Deoxys was going for over 700.

Surprised Power Keepers hasn’t gone up with Gold Star insanity atm.

.< I hate 2014 prices, arrrrrhhh


I think the boxes will go up but not much. I still see th sell well between 200 to 250. Those 3 gold stars in this set are also the cheapest. They have some amazing artwork too which is a shame.

I just wish they were more consistent! :wink:

yeah definitely, I think I just saw an auction for a 1st edition revelation box go for $718.00

I’ve seen that box go over a grand, and under $400, it is just so random.

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I think you may have been out of it for awhile. While a 1st ed Neo Rev box did sell for 550 recently the seller also put another up for auction. These recent auctions show a more realistic value. Basing the price of a card (specifically graded) and boxes off people who didn’t understand the value and put it for low prices that would be bought out instantly doesn’t mean they are inconsistent or overpriced. It means that the sellers are not as knowledgable about the current market.

The last few 1st Ed Neo Revelations have sold for 825, 850, 718 and I bought mine from a seller for 725. I think those are pretty consistent prices. The only inconsistent one was the one that sold for $550 for BIN before the seller realized their value.

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Yeah, the $400 was a few years ago sorry. But I have seen some items coming from the phillipines in foreign searches cheaper than the average price. But people have the perception it is risky to buy from some of those foreign locations, with low feedback. I agree a accidental BIN is an inconsistency.

Got another question about EX Deoxys, can someone explain one thing:



First booster has ®-mark beside Pokemon-text and second one has TM. Were the packs produced in different countries or something ?

Hmm interesting, I compared to some of the closer boosters printed around that time, i.e ex emerald and they have the ®-mark also.

I’m not sure what the difference is, but please be weary about fakes with this set. There was quite a large production of fakes for the Deoxys run.

As in matter of fact, I received today few EX Deoxys booster packs ( from store ) and they all have TM-mark on front.

I had decided to open one pack even before I made the order, don’t see nothing wrong with the content. All cards look legit, even the reverse foil has correct pattern.