EX series box prices

what do you guys think are the market value for the following EX series boxes? How do you guys think these boxes will do long-term value-wise in 2 years (near), 5 years (medium), 10+ years (long)?

EX Dragon

EX FireRed/LeafGreen

EX Team Rocket Returns

EX Deoxys

EX Dragon Frontiers

Are these individual packs weighable? For example, Gold Stars in Dragon Frontiers has a different sort of holo pattern, does that affect the strategy of weighing?


Individual packs are 100% weighable from this era [Youtube videos of the era show it - someone did it with Holon Phantoms IE and his heaviest pack was a Mewtwo Gold Star]. I think all of the EX series boxes are in 2 separate markets tbh: The boxes with gold stars and the boxes without them.

Even though the boxes without them are older and probably have lower supply/quantity that was produced they will never have the same value imo and as time goes on the gap in value between say an EX Dragon/FRLG Box and EX Deoxys will grow larger. EX Dragon Frontiers is like 3,400-3,700 in value atm for instance whereas FRLG is like $1,100

When I have some disposable cash I sometimes try and buy the 4 booster pack tins from Wowlootsellers for 190 each (a best offer price he’ll accept) - since not only are the tins amazing - I am convinced in the mid longterm they will definitely gain in value as his stock dwindles. He has like 40ish of these tins each and if you message him you see he has access to other EX series sealed product he doesn’t have listed yet. Prices will go up over time, but if a seller like him starts listing more product in mass prices could possibly change for the smaller sealed stuff which may or may not effect box prices [Edit - Scratch out this last bit, the seller has since increased the price from the last time I checked/bought some off him during the flash sale. He has since raised them like 40-50 bucks each]