What does Deriums do with all his cards???

I dont see very much for sale on his website. Way less than he opens on his channels.

What does he do with all of those cards?!

He sells it all on amazon as small lots, pretty sure he’s gonna do ‘grab bags’ like he did with all his MTG bulk as well. I’ve seen him talk about it for pokemon somewhere (twitter I think) if he hasn’t already done it. Him or Dan were asking for feedback on what people would want in them and how much they would pay for one.

That would be for the bulk right? What about all of the rarer cards? That would be an awesome personal collection !! :grin: haha

He’s got a physical store so I would assume they’re sold through there and their TCGPlayer account … if you ever watched their card shop life series before they moved into pokemon full time you can see Aaron processed about 50-200 singles orders a day … towards the end they were almost all pokemon orders.