Job lot of cards, think any are worth picking up please?

There are also thousands of of old bulk cards such as shadowless base, 1st edition fossil, loads of english and japanese nm/mint and pack pulled along with sealed promos, holos and more. 4 booster packs base 2, fossil, jungle and rocket unlimited.

around 50-60 PSA graded cards, 5 opened deck boxes with all contents…english rocket 1st edition pack pulled extras in the box.

Any purchases will not be on ebay as we live close, are there any cards raw, graded or any other items I have mentioned that could be worth a decent amount? I am not100% on alot of the older cards raw or graded so I wouldnt notice them ha! I am the kind of guy who misses a tama magikarp and sells as bulk/doesnt notice it heh. Any help would be great!

Main question…does it sound worth it? second question…he is ok doing bundles…are there any cards worth trying to pick up at a decent enough price? He seems to want to sell as many as possible asap.

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What are you asking


I’m newer to the scene, but from what I have seen sell on ebay I am only seeing about $400 to $600 worth of cards there at retail and then ebay will take their cut off of that.

Ive uploaded what I can on imgur :blush:

I guess I am asking… are there any cards worth picking up out of this lot? rather than buying everything as It is very expensive…and I dont really have the cash available right this minute.

Ive added the rest of what I ahve except the video of the bulk booster packs etc :blush:

Any notable cards you think would be worth tryign to pick up?

We’re not seeing the rest of the stuff, but honestly my best advice is spending a couple hours checking everything on ebay. There’s a ton of stuff here, I wouldn’t pay anywhere near market value. Probably 50% of whatever the total is. If that seller wants to bundle, then it has to show in the price.

does it not show up on my imgur?

try that, and no I wouldnt pay near market at all. I wouldnt want to keep it all hah I cant afford everythign either :wink: Ill hit ebay tomorrow and look up most…its the raw cards that are in really nice condition that im mainly unsure about such as skyridge arcanine, the shadowless etc…Im not sure if they are worth it. plus japanese cards liek the dominos slow, world hobby the scratch card german 1st edition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Its more of a quite thread to ask before the opportunity is gone and i may ahve missed a great card/cards or deal ^.^

Hope that makes sense

I only spent a few minutes running through the photos, but here is my two-cents.
I’m not sure what you’re planning to do with this collection; however, if your thinking about re-sale, I’m not sure if I would go for it - considering his asking price (seems kind of high). There are a lot of PSA Cards; but, there are also a lot of low-grade cards (PSA 7 and 8). Even some of those PSA 9 Japanese Cards, while PSA 9 is a really good grade, they’re just so common and don’t hold much value at all. There’s a few that would sell for a good amount (and really fast), but you’d be sitting on those other cards for awhile!

Additionally, there’s A LOT of mixed items within this collection! That’s going to take a lot of time researching, photographing, listing… Gotta remember, time is money!

Now, if you’re looking to purchase for your own collection, that’s completely up to you!

Hope this helps a bit!

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I wouldn’t really be looking into buying things if I were you. Especially since you mentioned you don’t have money to spend. These purchases seem to be a better idea when you have all of your priorities straight and have extra cash.

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Thats what I was thinking ha, plus after really looking into what was on offer…They seem to be his…well not rejects but spares and extras he needs to sell off. The graded cards arent amazing…a few decent ones but most seem to be his lower graded ones…he mentioned the rest of his collection is in storage for his son. After sitting down, looking through it does not seem worth it…there are a few items I may be interested in.For my personal collection such as booster packs, maybe some raw minty cards or a few psa for the right price.

Thank you for the help…it was a really quick thread as I didnt know how long I would have :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers everyone

Are you not a fan of Japanese cards? :wink: I dont collect sets, only certain special promos etc ha

Nothing wrong with Japanese cards. The ones they have though are some of the most common one’s so you’ll be fighting many other sellers on ebay to sell them. Not seeing anything of high value here. With this total set as resell I wouldn’t want to spend more than $200 on it. Even then it will likely take many months to sell them all.

He has put them all up on ebay and 1 listing is more than 200 hah! the mint ungraded holos are going for £20+ each. Psa 10 banned sab cards 10 in tottal…around £20 each but still a day or 2 left. I thought it was a mini gold mine but didnt have the capital to pump alot into it.

There are victory medal psa 10s and all sorts

How much was he asking for the lot?

You mentioned “pumping a lot” how much was that “lot”

It was advertised at around £1500 I think, I never got into negotiations for the lot as I couldnt afford it hah.
Thats why its good to have capital on hand so when things like this come up you can strike a deal and make good money from it :wink:

You are 100% right about that. I’ve posted here before that the most important collectible is a cash reserve:)

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It is very true! I have missed many opportunities because I didnt have the cash ( not as expensive as this), hopefully in the future I can have a reserve once my real time priorities are more in order :wink:
There are a few items I passed up for something else…of which is really regret now hah…a few cheap psa cards i really wanted but didnt have the extra to spend on them. When I did not long after, they had sold and are now worth far more than before(they were a few collection cards that dont pop up often, it was not to flip and sell).

One was a PSA 9 Masaki Golem card, could have got it for £35 from a guy through Paypal. Superrr cheap, but at that time id spent my allocated disposable income after paying board, bills etc.Not long after my circumstances changed so had 0 to spend on non essentials