what do you think?

Bar the Espeon Holy grail and a few other Japanese/other language cards I have nearly completed that road
and as you know I’ve also started obtaining theme decks, some sealed some not

but the point of this thread
I want to start another ‘SINGLE’ POKEMON CARD COLLECTION
problem is I don’t know which one to pick

I want it to be a unique choice but not a silly or bad one if you understand that
I have a few ideas in mind and just wanted to know what everyone thinks


let me know which one you’d prefer to see ( I know it’s ultimately my choice and will be my collection but you here will be seeing it so it helps if you will see something you like right?)

IF you feel a Pokemon I haven’t mentioned would be a better idea by all means please mention it

Quick explanation as to why I haven’t gone onto the other eeveelutions
I have a few of them and to be honest they just don’t appeal to me like Espeon

I vote for Venusaur or Machamp.

I’d vote for Alakazam but it sadly has hardly any cards compared to the other choices.

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Not Articuno since it has a SNAP card. :wink:

I think Alakazam would be nice actually – but @milhouse is right, it hardly has any cards.


Go for Venusaur, it gets way less attention anyways compared to Blastoise/Charizard which is a shame.


Definitely agree with this. It has the snap card plus the 2 phone card variations… at one point I wanted to collect koffing cards but that snap card man…

All the others would be good though. Moltres does have its tmb phonecard but it’s slightly more negligible since the art is featured in the gym expansion anywho

nice suggestions so far Venusaur looks to be the preference
yea it’s a shame about Alakazam

Venusaur or Machamp.

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I think it’s safe to say these two will be most peoples choices
I’ve had a look around Ebay and places and I noticed Machamp cards beyond the Dark Machamp and base don’t really appeal to me other than the Masaki
so that being said unless others post some major counter-ideas
it looks set to be Venusaur

Once this is complete (gonna be a while )
I still might attempt a Moltres one as That would be amazing I feel
but for now I feel Venusaur does need the attention plus I asked and you guys answered :blush:

Venusaur would be good :blush: it has standard rares plus promos so Itl keep you busy for a while. If you do decide to go with venusaur definitely snatch up @bagoly14 s Lottery saur on ebay :wink:

yea his lot is one of the first I notest when browsing to decide

I’d definitely say either Venusaur, Arkanine, or Alakazam.

I know the latter two don’t have as much in comparison, but I love all the art they feature in. But Venusaur is so often neglected despite having some really impressive art and detail into the cards.

Venusaur or Arcanine because i Love them! :wink:

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so Venusaur begins

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My fave has always been Venusaur.

Next you should do Blastoise. Even while you’re collecting Venus you could work on the rarest Blastoise so when the time comes you’ve got a great start.
Start with the crown jewel of the entire Pokemon world…the No Stage, Square Cut Base Blastoise?:thinking:

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If I where you I’d go for every and any card of one pokemon. Collecting all different languages is great. I’d also pick a pokemon that has a rare card that is very hard to get, to make your collection harder to complete. Also some special holo effect cards makes a collection more awesome.

for now it is gonna be Venusaur

next may well be Blastoise or Moltres Like I want
but Venusaur will take time

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I have a bunch of different venusaurs, do you want me to take a picture and pm you tomorrow?

"Holy Smokes":thinking:
What’re you? My age! Lol

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sure thing that would be great

I could get this pretty cheaply
however I’m not sure if the condition is suitable for a collection?
(the back)