What are your unpopular opinions in pokemon?

I gotta admit, I liked more designs from S/V than the previous few gens…

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People only say scarlet and violet is bad because the prices haven’t gone up. Wait three years and people will be hyping it up like they eventually did with sun and moon or sword and shield now


The first half of each gen’s set wave usually is just to introduce the new Pokemon. We’re almost ready for the 2nd half of the wave where they start to get more creative and don’t focus on gen 9 species. I’m looking forward to it

Yeah, I think human brain pattern recognition makes it impossible to not see the stomach’s in the Poli-Family as mouths. I have to actively force my brain to stop identifying them as mouths.

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Thankfully we’re going to have a good amount of time to potentially get more paldea themed sets, considering as far as we know right now , legends z-a comes out early 2025. Maybe after we get done with the dlc sets or in the dlc sets we’ll get them all.

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We’ve only covered DLC 1 of 2 so far this year, might have to wait a bit longer

I haven’t played the dlc, those new “legendary” Pokemon offend me


What about terastallisation? That gimmick will stay (and evolve) for the duration of this era

Not a fan at all.

However I am quite happy they have not made the alt arts crystal forms

How many people say sun and moon is actually a great gen though? If you take out tag teams and shining legends/hidden fates, sword and shield would be the worst gen of the tcg ever imo.

Tag team is a goated series

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As a collector, I still despise the mandatory eBay authentication service and it actively harms my experience with the hobby. I should not have to wait 3 weeks for a card that I could have had in 3 days. It has completely destroyed my experience buying cards and postpones delivery so long that by the time I finally receive them I am frustrated instead of excited.

The $200 minimum is too low. The fact I can’t selectively opt out (even at the expense of fraud protection, which I’d accept) is deterring. I ordered a card on May 12th that could have been in my hands on May 15th if it shipped directly to me. Instead it’s still en route to the authenticator on May 17th. Give me my card. I want my card.

Should have bought internationally even though it was a little more money. I’d have my card by now and my life would be worth living. Instead I suffer, cardless, begging for death.


You can always try and deal off eBay with the seller through PayPal?

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I try not to do that because I don’t want to annoy sellers for my own convenience.

Patience is key. It’s a godsend for sellers, even if it makes buyers wait a bit longer than desired.


Patience is the mind killer.

What if you just bought from sellers who live in California, Arizona, Nevada, etc. Places close to the authenticity guarantee hub at PSA.

In my experience, that cuts down on the total shipping time considerably.


I like the paradox pokemon they’ve grown on me :3 (plus I love ultra beasts)


You’re gonna love this one

Purchased October 2021

Still in my vault, waiting to be shipped to me

Approaching 3 years of waiting for this card to be delivered :pikatongue:


I saw this and died instantly. Posting from Heaven now.