What are your unpopular opinions in pokemon?

I think mew delta species > Corocoro mew.


They’re all non-shiny.

Me too.

I get you here, @enigma. I felt like it could alienate those who were modern collectors.

But, I’m gonna bring back an unpopular opinion of mine. Most all of us are good natured, so we all need to remind ourselves to get a grip and relax, whether in Collecting, Work, Investment, or E4. :wink:
:vulcan_salute: Peace and mindfulness.


I can only imagine how frustrating everything has been for the mods, so I totally get the desire to make something fun out of it. I think it was hilarious, BUT it took me a little bit to be sure it was in fact intended as a joke. I’m a notorious fence-sitter, but none of you would know that. Other’s however, are not so fond of sitting on splintery spears. It’s tricky not to mention stick-y.

So, promos MUST be given for free? what about special release cards that come with something you bought? But also, I get you. It does make talking about those special sets difficult…

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I agree with sets you cam just buy, but disagree with sets or cards you get once you buy something else. Otherwise a lot of promo cards would not be called promos. I would just leave out the pokemon-e minimum pack and for the other 3 I would agree.

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Well, I also consider cards you get when you buy other stuff as promos. But usually the misconception around the McDonalds set is that you got it with happy meals however, these packs were sold for 180yen each and the only stipulation was that you can only get it at a McDonalds location and had to buy any McDonalds product. There was no limit of the packs you could purchase once you met the criteria.



Well, that misconception was shared by me. You learn something new everyday. Whilst they may not be promos in their purest form, I would still argue that they were used as a promotion for mcdonalds.


Not too sure if its an unpopular opinion, but I think the Poke Post promos for the UK and other countries are a little lame. (Picture of the cards WTB Poké post Eevee (maybe Pikachu) "Pokemon Together" promo?).

I get that they are fan favorite Pokemon, and I get how it’s a creative idea that is reminiscent of the past with the Masaki Vending promotion, but I wish they would make unique art promos like the old days of Pokemon. Simply putting a Together stamp, doesn’t really want me to jump at these cards. These cards might do extremely well considering how they’re region limited, but we’ll never know until we look back on it a few years down the road .


I am very thankful this is just recycled art with a stamp. With the English copy only having a few days where the promotion is running, it could have been a very expensive card.

Next time they should use unique art and make the releasd worldwide and accessible.


Totally agree with you, I wish they would put a little more effort and make a unique art rather than just slapping a new text stamp on it.

On the flipside, when they do have new art, they get swamped by scalpers, resellers etc.

Ya unfortunately thats true. There definitely seems to be more and more people with that flipper mentality. Just look at Van Gogh Pikachu :pensive:

Grading companies should reject cards like this - but, but money/profit/freedumb!

If not, there should be an environmental tax on both grader and individual. There is 0 need now and ever to encase a common bulk card in plastic. It is not rare and it will never be rare.

Getting spicier, I’d say that common cards from all sets of Pokemon should not be slabbed. If you really want to ‘protect’ or ‘display’ it, just get an already made card display/one touch case etc.


If someone’s willing to pay the price to get a card graded, what possible reason would there be for a grading company to reject a card because the card is too cheap? Another counter point, plenty of people grade completely worthless cards because they are sentimental for one reason or another. There are also species collectors that collect graded versions of every card of their favorite pokemon, including the ‘worthless’ ones.

Seems dumb to gate keep what someone chooses to spend their money on grading or not.


Simply because we are fast approaching (if not having already approached and passed) a time where frivolous production should be reduced.

The line will not go up forever because it is actually impossible for it to do so. I’d argue that grading in itself could be taxed out of existence since 99.999% of the cards submitted are not rare and not noteworthy (historical).

The lowest hanging fruit though is to first stop nonsense like Frillish - Battle Styles from being graded in the first place.

The the single box from target I buy that has like 4 packs has far more waste than any of these ‘junk slabs’. It’s not really talked about but this hobby is very wasteful in regards to trash and plastic.


Isn’t this what anti-investor people like to see? Grading the card for the love of it, without caring about its monetary value.

Sometimes I do send technically worthless cards for grading (like below) simply because I adore the artwork and I want the card to be protected and conserved eternally in the best device. Nothing beats true love, I guess. Money isn’t everything.

Yeah I know, you’ll ask why is the owner selling now? Maybe streamlining collection or got a better version with better centering or simply lost interest but wish to handover the card to the next owner who will cherish it as he did.

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I mean, grading itself isn’t really the highest protection is it?

And if it isn’t, then a sleeve in a binder or case does the same thing and is a more efficient use of space.

Plus, no one really needs to protect a common Frillish card numbering in the millions.

It’s ok. Let’s agree to disagree.

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I recently picked up some Card Game Classic cards, for my Arita collection - but only the starters, since I don’t do repeat arts - and was surprised at the affordability. This made me wonder, how big is the print run of these things? How many people want the set intact, and is it weird to break it up to sell singles? I think it’s weird. My opinion,

Breaking-up this set and other non-standard boxed-game sets, like Waku Waku, is weird, unless you’re an artist or species completionist.

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It’s good actually to break up “premium” box sets and sell the singles individually. You’re doing good for people like me who don’t want to purchase the whole box only for 1 or 2 cards. :pray: