What are your unpopular opinions in pokemon?

Ugh. Gen 4 is the bane of Pokemon’s existence.

I agree that Gen 5 is fantastic, though.

What didn’t you like about Gen 4 or its games?

Gen wunners had a hard grind to get their mon’s levels up for Misty… and then again for Sabrina. Not to mention that the planned counter to sabrina, ghost, failed because of bugs. And then Hagatha… Good luck chuck. I agree, Gen 4 is the greatest gen as far as gameplay. (and pokemon walk-alongs? gold. :smiling_face_with_tear:) ( I didn’t play Gen 5.2…)


I will never share pictures of a purchase until I receive it in hand. Until I’m holding it, it’s not mine.


Amen! I also think this every time. I DO understand excitement, but…

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I can’t help myself but I agree in spirit. :joy:

The last step of the journey is the most dangerous part for me as my local “post office” is a little corner in a grocery store where no parcel is safe.