Welcome to Elite Fourum Thread

Welcome! Glad to have you. 75 ETBs is impressive! What kind of binders do you curate? Best of luck with your collecting and I hope you have a great time here in the community.

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Right now I have a binder for modern pulls (all my sword and shield stuff) then one for my black and white/XY and sun and moon era cards, then another one for my older pulls, but I just recently bought a 1040 card binder with 16 pockets and 24 pounds of unsorted cards and loads of singles that I’ve yet to go through, so I’m thinking of making a mega binder to store it all in. If I were to make a binder for a whole set it would be crown zenith/vstar universe for modern, if I had to chose an older set I’d want a complete set of fossil.


Welcome to the forum! :wave:t3:

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Warm welcome to the forums @Pheromosa. Also had a look at your post in the recent purchases thread, really great pickups! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your collection and your updates. Have a lovely time interacting with everyone here.



Thank you! :rose::rose::rose:

Welcome @Pheromosa ! Nice to have you here.

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Welcome here, Kale! Glad to have you! Anything that made Pheromosa standout as your favorite Pokemon? That’s one I don’t see often and I always appreciate some variety!


I’d say I like the design because of the fact that it’s a pretty fashion roach and the den entries that say that It doesn’t touch anything because it senses something unclean about the world. The shiny is ombré and looks awesome. The white/cream aesthetic is very nice and I tend to like neutral colored pokemon like reshiram and zekrom too. Plus it’s skinny like me. :3