Weird Prerelease Clefable Stamp

Check out this Prerelease Clefable:

I’ve never seen an off-center stamp before! Anyone think this is foul play? When comparing it to my Clefable and Aerodactyl cards, it looks like a legit stamp.

Mmh not sure… I became so careful with the stamps after those problems with the recent prerelease Raichu card. I’m constantly looking for a legit NM or better Clefable (preferentially even PSA graded)!

Pretty interesting. Shame the seller has no feedback though.

Okay, who bought it? lol

Not me! It was already ended when I posted.

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I got it and its in pretty good shape…about 7 quality. I have almost 60 of these and have sold about 50 more and none I’ve ever seen were misprinted. This could be super rare? Or it could be a waste of money. Who knows?

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Phew! I’m glad someone on here bought it! :blush: Mind sharing some pictures of it? This misprint really intrigues me lol

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I wanna send you those PSA 10 1st charizard pictures to you also pm me your email addy.