(Jungle) Clefable 1/64 non-holo misprint price?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone else has a card like this… I’ve been searching for a few days, but haven’t come across another one. I’ve found some that are similar – 1/64 non-holo Clefable misprints (rather than being the 17/64 that they should be)… but none of which were First Editions.

I posted this to reddit and a few other places, and I’ve gotten some offers, but I thought you guys might be the best to ask.

So, my question is… Does anyone know what this might be worth? Or has anyone seen another like it?



Depending on the condition I would expect that is quite valuable… Maybe $100+?

There is a similar misprint with Dark Dragonite 5/82 from Team Rocket that is non-holo.


I personally think it’s in fairly good condition. There’s a couple small marks on the front (which can be seen in the photo). I’m getting it graded next week, my boyfriend says it’s probably 5-7.

$100+ Does match with the range of bids I’ve gotten thus far. :blush:

(Edited to make a correction).

Definitely some value there, really cool find!

Unfortunately the only way to get an accurate value for that is if it were listed as an eBay auction. I would guess $100+ for sure if you found the right buyer :blush:

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When I see things like this, I always think fake first and then cool misprint. lol Hold it up to the light. Can you see through the card at all? Get a real 17/64 Clefable and compare them. Is the gloss on the cards the same? Do the ink pigments look the same? Getting it graded would also let us know more about the card’s authenticity. :blush:

If all of that checks out, then that’s super awesome! :blush:

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Never heard of this misprint, is this the first one discovered?

I echo Sammy’s post. I initially think it is probably a fake, but if everything is there, a new unnoticed misprint. Could you possibly upload more photos of the card? Getting a view of the entire front, back and multiple angles will help better determine its authenticity.

From the photo shown, the print looks spot on. It could be another Dark Dragonite type error that has gone unnoticed.

I’ve asked my boyfriend to compare it to a 17/64 Clefable… Either he or I will post the results of that. I’ll also get him to take some better photos. :blush: Depending on when he does that, it’ll be him who posts more about it. I have to catch a flight tonight and won’t have internet again until Saturday probably.

I’m kinda excited. :blush: Thanks for the help with this.

Sorry for double posting, but here are images.


He doesn’t have another Clefable, but in the picture with two backs, the other card is also from the Jungle set. Hope this helps. :blush:

Hey all, I’m Cealyn’s boyfriend.

Wanted to start out by thanking you guys for your input. We’ve had no luck finding anything out about this card.

Anyway, I took some more photos and sent them to Cealyn, if she can’t upload them I’ll upload them once I get to work. I didn’t have another Clefable to compare it too, unfortunately, but I did compare the font on the card to that of another Jungle card, and they seemed to match. If this is a counterfeit it’s the best I’ve ever come across. I’ve also seen a few other examples of this misprint but I haven’t seen a single one that was first edition. I’m extremely interested to find out more about it. I find it encouraging that we’ve had some pretty positive offers without having it graded.

*Edit* Looks like she sneakily uploaded the photos while I was typing :stuck_out_tongue:

I pulled it myself. I had a bunch of old cards which had been sitting in a bucket for about a decade. We spent the past weekend going through them.

From the photo’s it does look like the real deal!

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Wow cool misprint. My understanding with the dragonite rocket misprint is that it is quite common? However this is a bit more wow.

Thanks everyone :blush: I do have one question since I’m rather new to this. Any recommendations for who I should get to grade the card?

I’m no expert on misprints so I’d wait for some more experienced collectors to chime in. But in general PSA is accepted around here as the best and most widely used grading service for pokemon cards. What I’ve noticed though is PSA cards usually don’t specify the card is an error so keep that in mind. But you can will grade the card to preserve it’s condition and then when you sell it list it as an error. PSA grading would be a good move too because they can authenticate the card.

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You could always just get an authentication grade.
Just that way say that error has a scuff or whatnot then you won’t get a 10

DarkPersian, is that you?

LOL I had the same thought

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Is this the same one from eBay? From about 2+ years ago.