Weird Dots on Edge of Holo Expedition Mew

Hey y’all, I picked up this Holo Expedition Mew the other which is a card I’m really happy about. My only upset are these dots on the top right edge on the front face. I’ve heard that it’s possible to remove these dots somehow without hurting the card by simply rubbing a penny-sleeve on the dots (because of the small amount of acidity in the sleeve). Before doing anything or damaging this precious card, I wanted to check in here to hear your thoughts and or recommendations as to what I should do before sending this off for grading.

I think I’d be more worried about the crease in the holo than some dots!

But if those are the typical resin dots you see, you can either very gently take a finger nail and prod it, or if that scares you, take a Q tip and clean water and dampen it and carefully rub it for a second then dry immediately. Rinse and repeat, and those dots should all leave your card. Not all residue dots are like this–some stain a card permanently.

I appreciate your feedback about getting rid of the dots - where do they come from? Do they just appear over time?

As per your crease comment, there isn’t a crease. Perhaps it’s some weird lighting or photo angle, but I promise, no crease - I wouldn’t have purchased if there were!

Just for a double check, there’s no crease to the right of mew’s foot?

Those are lines from the plant in the art

That isn’t a crease?

The dots are residue build up from friction and dirt building up combined with moisture. They happened all the time in binders that weren’t stored properly, and air (and therefore dust) was able to get into the pockets. If stored perfectly, a mint card will never accumulate them.

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@brendantheclayboy ,@smokemon ,

Just to clarify because it has seemed to cause some concern, not a crease, check out the four attached photos (the last photo was after I cleaned the dots off). It seems like you guys were speaking about scratches in the holo foil if anything. Thanks, @kpod -

Also, thanks for teaching me about things like that. It’s important stuff for me to learn and understand more everyday!


Definitely looks like no creases in the last photo. And it looks like you had a successful cleaning session, which is awesome

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Thanks dude! I appreciate it. Now it’s a matter of holding onto it until I can submit it to be graded… :confused:

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