Watch out for mooertren / rhea0098's Altnernate account

Just a warning for those of you looking to sell. This guy has told many member’s here different stories/lies to get better deals. Then they try to resell the items on ebay. Also he’s been caught shill bidding other peoples auctions to make his look cheaper. I was contacted by this mooertren account looking to buy pop 5 packs or gold stars for a deal. They made it sound like they would be getting money for christmas and would like it as a gift. He uses these guises to make you sympathize and sell lower.

The reason I know it’s Rhea0098 because this person asked me to estimate the value of a card. I could tell the background the card was on is the same that Rhea0098 uses for their cards. However when looking through completed listings they didn’t have pictures of it.

This person told me this when they sent me the pictures.

“This is my Espeon what do you think it’ll fetch?”

I called them out on it and they responded very slowy.

Then they said this about the espeon.

“I’m buying it from him for $140. Is that a good deal?”

Why would you refer to it differently if you don’t own it. Secondly I can’t save the images he sent so how could he save the images
Rhea sent him?

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Out of interest, is it the fact he resells the cards for a profit that you don’t agree with or is it the deceptive tactics he uses to try to get the price lowered?

Deceptive tactics. I don’t like that he’s a purely reseller but he’s free to do whatever he likes. For a while he would tell people he was selling for his wedding, then it was for his nephew who wanted the sets. Then You’d see the cards online for sale. I don’t like his sales tactics saying cards were pack fresh but with factory errors.

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taking quality cards out of actual “collectors” hands and profiting through lies…
Good pick up hisoka and thanks for the heads up

I’m trying to buy a 1ED base Charizard soon, Can I buy your house for $750?


You’d need 732 of those to be able to afford a house in Australia.