rhea0098 (Joshua Rhea)- Stay Away.

I was going to wait a few days to let him clear things up if he could, but I decided to post now instead to make sure people know not to trade with him.

I sent a large amount of PSA 9 Stars to him for a few “more rare” PSA 9 stars and an ungraded Ray star. I received the cards by mail today, but the ungraded card was not included. I contacted him about this and he said he most have “misplaced” the card because he felt “rushed” to ship the cards to me. He also said that he will look for the card and send it if he finds it, but then he goes on to say that he will purchase my other gold stars off of ebay through paypal to help me avoid fees. That makes no sense what so ever to me, and does not take away the fact that he didn’t send the card…

I responded saying either send me $150 through paypal (as that is what I valued the ray at), find the card and ship it, or send me the entire trade back and I will do the same with his half.

I have a hunch that none of the above will be fulfilled so I am just assuming on taking a loss with this.

I will update this thread with either a confirmation of him fulfilling his part of the trade, or not doing anything to fix it.

His address can be provided if anyone needs it.



Sudden update.

He sent an email stating that if he doesn’t find the card, he will send the $150.

Still doesn’t make things “right” in my book since I’m out a ray gold star. So i will leave this up here.

If anyone thinks I should take this down because I am being unfair, please comment and I will do so.

He has had a lot of complaints from what I have seen.

Personally, he is on my “list” (not a tangible thing exactly), of people I will not deal with.

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I was too trusting. Will be more careful next time lol

I’ve had few run ins with him. He’s a liar point blank.

One example was he offered me 550 for a psa 9 ex dragon frontiers ex and gold star set. He told me it was for his cousin but after he received it he broke it up and tried to sell it for 550 for charizard alone. So right there he lied and it gets worse.

It gets worse. At the same time this happened star hat pokemon got a psa 9 and put it up for auction. Someone with the rating number and letters rhea bid up star hat pokemon gold star charizard psa 9 until someone put a bid on his. Then rhea0098 canceled his bids on star hat pokemon and ended his psa 9 charizard auction.

I found that very very shady. Weather or not starhat pokemon can confirm this is up to him. This is just my experience from the outside.

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That is very very shady as you say hisoka107.I would be raging if anyone done that to me,would most likely get revenge and do the same to him lol.

I just received the same “buying a house” story. But we agreed on another card for him to send me. My question is, why buy cards when you need to buy a frikin house. Lies.

His previous thing was he was getting married and needed money for the wedding? If that were true why did you have and still have around $5,000 in inventory. He says he’s only in it for a quick profit to pay for begetting married. I don’t get how making a few hundred in profit (I see him sell for a loss often) but ha ing thousands in investments helps him in the short term u less it’s a lie/sob story.

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This guy kept offering me to buy items outside of ebay. He said he would pay the ebay price minus the fees. What’s the point of that? I’m still getting the same amount of money. I don’t know why people think it is such a great idea to do this. I don’t care about avoiding fees if I’m getting the same amount of money lol
Anyway, this guy used his cousin as an excuse to try to buy something slightly cheaper from me before.

The point is that the buyer benefits by paying less, but you the seller still receive the same price. Sometimes that difference in price will deter a potential buyer. I am not suggesting it is right, but the logic makes sense from a buyers perspective if they can save 10% on an item.


I see your point. It is beneficial to the buyer and helps the seller establish relationships with customers.
But let me put it this way, when I know someone is trying to buy something from me for cheap to resell in the same market, I don’t care about giving them a good deal without any benefits for myself. When someone does that it feels like they are trying to take advantage of you (and they are in this case).


C’mon man! You know this is bogus as hell!

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I saw that listing as well. His listings are complete BS. I’ve opened some 300+ pop 5 packs and never seen any damage. Out of the more than 3 dozen cases from BW I’ve opened and less than 10 wotc boxes I’ve never seen anything like that for an error.

We’ve proved and corroborated with other members that he’s not to be trusted.

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