We all know this user is a joke but come on...

I don’t mind if you’re offering me cards to buy if it’s an exlcusive to me offer. When you have them listed on eBay I don’t need you to tell me about it; especially, when it contains junk custom cards. I’m not condoning anyone send this person messages offering them to buy your listed items.


Damn I would have just said no thank you lol


I like how they specified there is a limited number of a custom card.

Like you’re trying to tell me I can’t make some of those myself and raise the number? I’d ask him if he would be interested in my custom 2nd edition charizard, even more exclusive than the first edition, with only 30 known to exist!


They’ve contacted a few people I know trying to sell their garbage lol

I’d honestly like to meet rhea in person to see just what they are like.
Also to find their car and let the tyres down


They contacted me as well, and I didn’t know how to respond lol

Go to the sleaziest used car dealership in your town. Whichever salesperson greets you, that’s rhea.


A custom card with only 45 copies?!

I can make one now on a scrap piece of paper which is the only one in the world!!

Rhea knows better than to solicit me lol.

I’ve seen them before. Not a fan