"Washing Machine" Charizard up for auction


Signed by Logan, Gary, Aoki, Chumlee and others. Obviously a bit cheesy but seems proceeds are going to good causes.


Love that description.

Pokémon Charizard 4 “Washing Machine Charizard” EX Crystal Guardians CGC Trading Card Game 1 (The Pokémon Company, 2006) Rare, Holo. The heartbreaking tragedy that went viral. The card featured here is a card that took a little spin in the washing machine before heading for grading, the Washing Machine Charizard. This card became viral through Tiktok when im.ivy.r posted a video of her discovering she had left a raw card in her clothing when getting a load into the washing machine. To her shock, the EX Crystal Guardians Charizard was the unlucky card that took the spin. The video has been viewed 15M+ times, and it is a hard reminder to all collectors’ to check their pockets before throwing their jeans in the dirty pile. The card has since been graded by CGC a Poor 1 grade and has been tagged "Washing Machine Charizard: on the reverse side of the CGC label. The CGC holder has been autographed by some of the biggest names in Pokémon, including Gary “King Pokémon” Hasse, Steve Aoki, Leonhardt, Chumlee, Veronica Taylor, Logan Paul (the autograph is on a security label affixed to the holder), and im.ivy.r. This card is truly one of a kind. Now the card is being auctioned off, where its proceeds are being donated to autism causes. What an incredible journey that started with tragedy turned into a positive one that will help many.

I feel like the slab is better without the signatures since they have nothing to do with the viral TikTok.


Anyone here going to try for this?

Going viral and using the clout to raise money for good causes. Love to see it.

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