Autograph Advice: Washing Machine Charizard

Im.Ivy.r on Instagram, who went viral on TikTok with over 15 million views, has graciously donated that card to our charities.
It has already been signed on the CGC case by LeonHart, Veronica Taylor, Steve Aoki, and myself. Chumlee from Pawn Stars will be signing it just below the label on the front.

Logan Paul sent me a security sticker with his signature to affix somewhere on the case. You can see examples of the stickers in the second pic below.
My two questions are:
Is it better or not to put his signed sticker on the case and if so, exactly where considering room? The sticker is 3/4”x1 1/2”.

Cover the cert # :sunglasses:

I only half jest, because putting the sticker anywhere else on the case would cover up parts of the card, and I think that kind of defeats the purpose right? With a signature, I would want it to be on the card (or case) and still be able to see the card. At the same time, it then wouldn’t be “on” the card lol. If not on the cert, I’d do either one of the top corners of the back, I think that would look as clean as possible and also leave room for more signatures should more be acquired.

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Put it next to that muscular guy :wink:

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Damn, that card’s clean af


So use the sticker auto? That would be better than just excluding it cause it’s a sticker and not signed on the case like the rest.

I feel like not using it would be disrespectful, no? I’m not sure how long you’ll have the card, but I think LP physically signing the case at some point would be ideal. If you’re auctioning the card and you have a cut-off time for signatures, then getting a physical sig might be impossible. I’m not sure how time sensitive this is, but I wouldn’t put the sticker on unless you’re 100% certain LP will NEVER be able to physically sign the case. At that point I would use the sticker since he already sent it to you with the intent of you using it.

Also, I don’t deal in autographs at all, so I recognize I don’t understand the nuances of that type of collecting. I would assume the sticker would fetch more of a price than no sig, but less of a price than the sig on the case - but of course I could be wrong. I’m just throwing my thoughts out there on what seems to me like the “right” thing to do based on the scenario and question you posed!

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I agree in general with the others that if he could sign in person on the case would be ideal but if not to use the sticker.

Personally if you go the sticker route I’d suggest either putting it over your signature in the corner to cover it or to remove yours from the case and out his there.

Then your able to resign it with the space available. Might be abit of a squeeze but should still leave room to the left of his sticker auto to resign.

If not could add yours up by the HP or worst case back top left corner