CGC Certifies Extremely Rare "Disco" Test Print Charizard

What would something like this even go for?

EDIT: SOLD for $15,600


Nonbelievers are going to be real shaken when Prerelease Raichu comes back in one of these CGC articles.

I am not sure if I’m joking or not.


Thanks for posting. This article includes quotes from the same former WOTC employee that spoke to CGC regarding the Ghost Stamp Pikachu Error.


Doesn’t surprise me to see that stuff like that is out there. WotC produced so many test prints in the late 90s for MTG, including some really wacky ones that this disco foil reminds me of:

As far as value on the Charizard, there’s no way for anyone to accurately estimate that. We’ll have to wait to see if it goes to auction.


While I may not know the origins of the card or care to have something like this, the analysis section is music to my ears. CGC is the market leader in how authentication is done and I appreciate their transparency in methodology.


TCA showed an uncut sheet of these before. He had two of them, but sold one:

I also know @fritz has an Alakazam and Magneton. Disappointing fact about these cards is that whoever cut them from another uncut sheet besides the two that TCA owned did a horrendous job…
Fun fact, the Magneton above is the only one that had flavor text below its artwork (with length/weight).

Cool to see the analysis of CGC on them.



I found out about that alakazam from subreddit while checking out people collections during 2017.

1st thread

2nd thread

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Seems like CGC did some serious forensic testing on the card to determine its authenticity. That’s very admirable.


XRF spectrometer technology also often used to verify the authenticity of rare coins, glad to see it being used in cards.


It’s live on ebay!

Here is the link for the disco Charizard
TCA Gaming


Why did it have to be Charizard?.. I know I know, don’t tell me lol

Imagine auctioning off a 5-6-figure card and giving it that bad of a title lol. Didn’t even bother to include ‘pokemon’ anywhere in the title or description.


All you need is Charizard pop 1 and it’s to the moon

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I agree, but apparently its good enough since it already has 84 bids and is at 13k, and has only been live for 1 day so far.


And didn’t even bother to pay a little bit extra for Subgrades lol in the first place

I think a card with that low of a grade and something that rare doesn’t need sub grades - but I totally get your point

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I like the fact that CGC has established itself as the go-to grading service for misprints and oddities. Bonus is that CGC slabs are same size as PSA slabs. I can totally eliminate BGS from my collection now.


Wonder what the final sale value will be. Would anyone like to take the over or the under on $69,420?