Wanted; 15th Anniversary Set


Only reasonable prices please, the ones on eBay are a rip off. :blush:

You do.know.even.in japan they have sold for over $100. so $130- $70 is reasonable.price

I have seen this go from 7,000 Yen ($70) and there is one right now for 15000 Yen ($150) Buy It Now price in Y!J. Ugly set but the price is not that different from the one in eBay plus you avoid the middleman fee.

Well I can’t see any of the sets you’re referring to on eBay. only this one which is $500…


And i’m certainly not paying that…

I have the 15th Anniversary set you’re looking for…sent you a PM


I have it and I’ve try to send the 2 cards to PSA but they do not have enough information about the card, PSA can’t grade them for now.

arent they jumbos?

No normal FA cards with the 15th anniversary gold text at the middle of the card. See my pic.

ohh ok thanks for some reason i thought they were jumbos, did they not come out with a zekron and reshiram jumbo, not the JR jumbos, full art jumbos (maybe in english??)