Kangaskhan Parent/Child
TMB 1999 No. 1
Bilingual Lucky Stadium
Kamex Error
Dark Fearow GB Promo
Lugia GB Promo
Mewtwo GB Promo

New Year Present Jumbo
New Century Present Jumbo
Imakuni?'s Whismur
Imakuni?'s Loudred
Imakuni?'s Exploud ex
Scramble Daisuki 017-019
JR Rally Jumbo Set

any other decent older japanese rares also i’d be interested in

You should check out my eBay from time to time, it’s in my signature. :wink:
There’s not a whole lot on there at the moment, but I’m adding stuff day by day!

There’s a site called “Pokemon Craft Store” if you check under trophy and ultra rare promos there’s a Kamex computer error and there’s also a Trophy Khan that says it will be in stock in December. Prices are as ridiculous as they get but if you message the guy a good offer maybe he’ll consider. Hope that helps!

Ive got a few of your wants available:

Dark Fearow GB Promo Near Mint
Lugia GB Promo Mint
Mewtwo GB Promo Mint

Make me an offer if your interested…

New Year Present Jumbo

expensive, but take a look:

oh you mean the one with celebi and red background in its artwork?

Hi pkm12,

Just noticed you were looking for the JR Rally Jumbo set. I don’t have the set, but I do have a mint JR Stamp Rally Victini available. Here’s a link to one, so that we’re talking about the same card…


I’m looking for $95 shipped to England… Let me know if you want it.


That’s a really fair offer, but I would rather try to get the whole set at once because if a set pops up on eBay i’ll have a spare sorry :zipper_mouth_face:

No problem. I recently picked up a set for my collection(not for sale), so I’ll probably put the Victini up on Ebay…