Japanese Pokemon Center 15th Anniversary Full Art Pikachu

Anyone have this card for sale?

I believe @smpratte does

Ya, he sent me a message. looking for a non graded though :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you want to pay for it?

around $75-80

If you were to pay that much for this card by itself, you would be grossly overpaying.

I think a much fairer range for the card is in the $30-40 range at this time. Perhaps a touch higher if it’s gem mint.


the ones for sale are $200 for gem mint. and $150 for psa 9. I just assumed that a non graded one would be around 75-80, but if it isn’t thats good to know, thanks.

When they actually sell, it’s much less than the asking prices you see.

If you are diligent, a couple pop up every month or two. Just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll find one with relative ease. :blush:

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i found a bunch on ebay still packaged for like $60 lol. I guess i should look a little harder next time haha.

I have sold multiple PSA 9 copies ranging from $42, $54, $69, $95 and $115. Also a couple PSA 10’s above the highest 9 price.

If you want to find an actual ungraded mint copy, your best bet is a sealed one. The loose copies can range in condition.

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My PSA 9 copy went for $56 privately, if I recall correctly.

I’ve pulled 9s and 10s directly from boxes as well. So you can expect mint from the sealed packages. That’s not always true, but it is in this case! :blush:

I recently got a 10 copy and am expecting my other one to grade at least a 9 and probably a 10. If you’re able to wait about a month I could sell you a graded copy for a fair price.

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Don’t take the prices on eBay as a real estimate of what they’re really worth, just look at the new Pikachu-Adidas World cup promo, sure it’s selling for $60+ on eBay, but you can easily get them for $5-$10.

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I assume $5-$10 would be the price if bought from YJ. Does that price include middleman fees, shipping and other charges? Thanks.

If it does include these fees, I’d love someone to connect me with that seller so that I can purchase a few.


It does not include the fees. Realistically, if you use a middle man service you end up paying $15-25, which is still better than eBay.

However, like I said before in the previous discussion about the adidas card, the only reason they are low is because the amount of buyers on YJ! are significantly less than eBay.

Also, you are better off buying the 15th directly through eBay than YJ! You can be patient and/or work something out with a seller and get exactly what you would pay on YJ! if not a bit less. The adidas pikachu is not a fair comparison as it is currently high in volume where the 15th is much lower.

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[/quote]I bought mine for 8$ shipped to my door so that sounds like a good estimate.[/quote]

@bagoly14, I want your middleman. :blush:

Can anyone get me one?! :blush: please pm

Here is one on eBay for $30 plus S&H:


It is hard to tell if the card is NM or better from the scans. Usually Poly_100 sticks to Mint cards and puts NM just to be safe, but the scans are kinda iffy.

Poly 100 is a great seller, I have only had great buys from him (which are quite a lot)