VS unlimited?

Bulbapedia says that the Pokemon VS set was the first Japanese expansion to include 1st Edition cards. Was there also an Unlimited Edition of that set (card numbers 001/141 to 142/141)?

No they were only printed 1st edition.

Why did they print only 1st edition? What is the point of printing 1st edition without an unlimited edition as a follow-up? Did they call it quits after 1st edition because the cards turned out to be unsellable shelf warmers?

I think because they were too powerful?

maybe they were shelf warmers i do remember very little that when the neo series hit and i saw the VS packs they were pretty overpriced here in the states and not many people brought them.it also looked like the cards themselves some were pretty crappy and some were strong as heck but since also maybe cause america didnt release this set as well.VS series did start japan in the 1st edition tradition and we ended it after neo destiny.i would consider it a test run to see how well people liked the cards in 1st edition since it was the start for them.who knows really but the WEB series had 1st edition and unlimited.but now collectors want VS cards like crazy

Thanks all for your input. I was planning on piecing together a VS unlimited set but I better cancel this project right away.

So it seems that Pryce’s Lapras, Information Pack #3, is the only card from the VS expansion that was released “unlimited”, with regular VS card number (041/141) and rarity symbol but without 1st Edition mark?

Image from UU

I see this mentioned frequently to explain why WOTC didn’t translate VS to the English. To be honest, I think they just didn’t like evolved Pokemon being basic cards, making it an entire set that ignored the evolution aspect of the game entirely… few, maybe even none, of the cards themselves were too powerful. The vast majority of them had 50-60 HP, no Pokemon Powers, and weak or flippy attacks, pretty much like or even inferior to the rest of the cards of that era.

As for why Japan didn’t make unlimited editions, I don’t know but I don’t think the power level of the cards had much to do with it for the reasons stated above.