Advice please - collecting 1st edition

So here’s the deal.

You all know that I am starting to collect sets now. I recently purchased E2… but it was unlimited. Now I’m torn. Should I be focusing on 1st edition only?

Is that unrealistic? I mean I think I got E2 for a good deal, even if it is unlimited. And I know how hard it is to get one all in one place. I got it for a little over half the recommended price, $250, so my backup plan is to sell it when I snag my 1st edition… if I bother. E2 is a bitch to complete and looks like it will be years before I complete a 1st edition set

Should I just consider E2 as completed and not bother with getting a 1st edition? Don’t know where my priorities should be.

All comments/advice gratefully received!

To be honest it is hard to get in one go

But end of the day its going in your collection and its upto you what you want to be in there 1st or unlimited?

Yeah but that’s the point. I don’t know! I thought 1st ed where it exists but now I’m not so sure

Well the best thing i can advise is as you have the unlimited version try and collect other sets that you want in either 1st or unlimeted and just back to this when your just trying to collect the 1st edition versions.

My worry for the e-era is that given the crap Pokemon was going through then, it’ll be practically impossible or ridiculously expensive to piece together 1st edition sets.

Even Callys are a mix between the two.

For the ADV/PCG sets, I think unlimited is sometimes rarer than 1st edition…

its all up to you i mean if its unlimited just focus on the unlimited set instead of going for the 1st edition.E-era cards are extremely hard to complete and 1st edition is a pain in the ass to even get especially the booster boxes.i’m still hunting down a E3 booster box myself for collection purpose but i would say whatever you can get in 1st edition stick with it.just dont pay crazy ass amounts for it cause sometimes there will be the random wtf times you find it for way way a collector of cards in my point of view collect what you can get if its out of your price range just wait till something good pops up.

OK, so I think I’ve decided. My focus will be on 1st edition only. If I see unlimited E era sets though, I might just grab them.

I honestly didn’t realise how hard it would be to complete sets… I would’ve thought it was the easiest thing compared to promos. How wrong I was…

I don’t discriminate, most of my sets are made up of both 1st ed and unlimited. I’m just aiming to complete the set. When I’m older and richer and all my sets are complete I’m going to go back and get both 1st edition and unlimited.

yea base-neo in japanese was never 1st ed while we had it in english then when they got the e-series era they had 1st ed and unlimited and we just got unlimited no more 1st is hard completing sets but it also depends which set really.

1st edition started with VS.

I actually think its easier to find some sets in 1st edition, and so the unlimited ones are harder to find. I honestly didn’t know unlimited versions of ADV/PCG sets existed until darkrai pointed that out to me…

Question…I have never seen an unlimited VS card, do these exist?

I don’t think they do. I think the print run on VS was quite limited, although not as much as the e-era when the game really went downhill.

Which is ironic given they were the best sets ever!

yea i dont think VS unlimited ever existed all the packs and cards i have are all 1st edition and mostly people who also have opened the boxes were the same.VS might have been limited to a certain time but who knows really.i just remember the packs being like 20 dollars when they 1st came out