Underrated Pokemon

This thread is designated to discuss pokemon that are underrated, undervalued or that are not portrayed in the tcg/video game as you think they ought to be. I will start out with my favorite pokemon and extremely devalued in TCG: Mewtwo.

Mewtwo in Pokemon Blue and Red was a truly unstoppable legendary pokemon. I remember having him on Pokemon Stadium and just walking through the elite four with ease. However, in the TCG he was watered down in the WOTC era but later shown a little respect with the Lv.X addition.

The first TCG release, Base Set Mewtwo had 60hp with a 10+ attack. Not to be confused with This!

This Base Mewtwo is the same Mewtwo that froze everybody and defied the laws of physics in Mewtwo strikes back. The same Mewtwo that is genetically engineered to be the strongest pokemon has almost the exact same stats as a pikachu…

I have always been disappointed in the TCG version of Mewtwo but I guess if you make an extremely strong basic pokemon it will dominate the game, but then again that would be the proper role of mewtwo.

Let me know what you think and post a pokemon that you think deserves another look!

well in the tcg these past few years mewtwo seen some good light playing since his body stoped SP pokemon from attacking till dialga g comes into play.

That is true. I mentioned that they improved it a bit with the current release. I still think mewtwo deserves a bit more.

Kakuna deserves love :heart:

It is definitely undervalued x)

I heartily agree with Mewtwo. Really, they can’t demonstrate the awesomeness of this particular pokemon and the power he’s supposed to wield without completely unbalancing any game he’s in.

Which brings me to the next underrated pokemon: Arceus.

Now, while he enjoys some usefulness in the VG, and some use in the TCG, he was watered down before he even got out. He is supposed to be the Alpha, the beginning, the CREATOR pokemon, the GOD. This thing should be able to sneeze and kill other legends with his divine snot.

However, while his stats are good, they give him more of a “Jack of all trades, master of none” label, and in the TGC, only a select few of his cards are all that great, all 15 English-released ones, including FIVE lvl X’s. While that’s an incredible number, none of them are all that great. Just… Ok. Mediocre.

A GOD of pokemon should be more than mediocre. He should be so broken, he should be banned from all legal tournaments. But, with the same problem as Mewtwo, all that power needs to be balanced out and put into a working strategy with 648 other pokemon to contend with so to not be unfair.

That’s my stance. :3

Wow I never thought about it like that. Does the whole SP thing vindicate WotC’s decision not to print the VS set?

That’s what my point was for Arceus-- he was good, not BROKEN, like he should have been. And as someone who’s collecting Arceus -all of the different card art- getting all five lvl x’s was extremely easy. The other traders were almost giving them away. Again, he falls short of the God title.

As for the SP-- I can’t understand why they didn’t print the VS set or any of the add-ons with the movie cards. They’re… the exact same thing. :confused: It’s a little angering when you miss out on an ENTIRE SET.

There are a lot of cards that are not printed in english, and it is good that some are not. I am not sure why VS did not get printed. Probably because it is a large promotional set and each card has to get translated.

Sometimes releasing cards in english takes away their value/rarity/luster.

Both VS and SP share the mechanic that fully evolved Pokémon count as basics.

WotC didn’t release VS for this reason - they thought VS was way too overpowered. I think WotC proposed some changes to VS which Media Factory (precursors to PCL) were dead against. Either way it helped fuel the trouble between the two, leading to Nintendo revoking their license.

The rest of course is history.

Ironically, VS moved to set numbering and 1st edition, both WotC improvements and things they were pushing Japan to implement for some time

well technically VS are the very 1st SP pokemon since they didnt have evolved pokemon and they were the gym leaders like the SP with just galactic and gym leaders from the shinnoh region.yea WotC did think VS cards were way too over powered since they werent evolved pokemon and the card game was already good enough.there was also alot of problems from what someone told me about printing the VS cards with something about the license at the time or similar to it as well.

haha wow just put 2 and 2 together on that. I never really looked into the vs cards much but always wondered why charizards hp was so low. I always thought it was similar to the original rocket set.

ZUBAT!! there are not enough of them :blush: