Vending Voltorb

Since this section is updated by @pokemontrader frequently, I thought it would be appropriate to feature one of his card scans. The Vending Voltorb card is a great example of the old style hand drawn artwork. I remember seeing this card in a local shop back in the 90’s and was instantly intruiged. Also, I remember back in the day it was a bonus if there was another pokemon featured in the artwork. This card captures for me what the vending series is about.


Only now just noticed the electabuzz

I’ve never actually seen this card art before. That’s pretty uncommon for me. Especially to not see it and LIKE it!
It’s extremely whimsical IMO. Great choice.

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Great card Scott! Sorry my computer has been in the shop this week so navent made many posts. Apologies for not uodating the cotw thread as well… Ive never noticed the electabuzz until now too!

Oh… I love looking at the vending series sets… I was just looking at them last night in my room lol. Probs some of my favourite artworks ever!! are in this set.

Like the Abra card, and the onix crying… and the backgrounds of the lapras, seel, and magneton are cool. Also to think that little kids we’re making these, and got their work printed would of been an awesome achievement.

I like these sloppy looking cards lol

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Komiya’s artwork from the vending series is some of my favorite :blush:

This might get me some hate, but I don’t like the artwork of this card at all.

I like different art styles being on cards and some of the artwork which is less than ‘perfect’ has a lot of charm about it, but this one I just don’t like at all.

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I’m sorry but this artwork is embarrassing. I know Tomokazu Komiya’s style in the early days was to make his art look as atrocious as possible, but how do you mess up a drawing a *circle* that badly?

One reason i enjoy (select) artwork by komiya so much is because the picture really does say a 1000 words. one of my personal favorites is magikarp from e series. You can only speculate as to what the hell is going on in this picture.

As for the voltorb, i’ll admit it’s not my favorite, but I think it fits lock-and-key with the vending series