Value of Supreme Victors and Stormfront Charizard

Hey all, I was wondering what would you value these cards in PSA 9. I’ve seen sold listings on Ebay for $400 for SP and around $600 for Stormfront.

I’ve been looking for those, and even though they’re not a top priority, I was told I could get both for $800. Is that a good deal, or should I wait for prices to drop. Thing that worries me is super high pop for both.

Prices may never drop. Best time to buy is the present. But don’t think youll find them close to 800.

I think you’re probably looking at well over 800+ each. It’s an interesting time to be alive.

I know, I think myself prices might not drop or drop slightly, its just that with such a high pop in PSA 9 it makes me dubious to pull the trigger.

price of stormfront charizard psa 9 were selling for $150 pre corona, expect more to funnel in over the year or so.

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Wait until the apocalypse and they’ll go for a couple of doll hairs each.

Stormfront was going for somewhere between 120-180 up to a month ago. Supreme Victors ~100 with a 138 a bit over a month ago. I think 800 for both is a big ask, more than I’d be comfortable spending on cards that have apparently skyrocketed overnight. Just depends on how you read the market, is the price correcting itself from being previously undervalued to what it should be now? Or is it just a temporary surge and it’ll settle down in due time?

At 800 for both, you’re definitely paying the higher end of the market price right now, there’s listings that go for half of it sold. If you want the security of having them in your collection and you can afford 800, go for it, otherwise I’d sit tight and keep tracking prices. Gut feeling but you could probably find raw copies of each that could grade a 9 for significantly less than 800 for both.

Speaking for myself, I would take the deal at 800usd for both cards in PSA 9.

I bought my psa 9 lv x charizard for £52.50 3 months ago… this market is just pure chaos and I love it xD


Well yeah I agree prices might drop sometime, but at the same time I don’t see them dropping soon. Anyways, I think I’ll just wait and save my money, and probably get one of them in PSA 10 in a few months. Thanks for your input fellow e4

I’m genuinely shocked to see stormfront has risen so much. I have a PSA 10 copy, I didn’t even think the 10 was over $1k, let alone the 9.