Value of PSA 10 Base Set 2 Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur

I’ve checked eBay sold listings, tried to search E4 and Pokemon Prices, but I’ve been unable to gauge the clear value of the English PSA 10 Base Set 2 Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur. Does anyone know if the recent market activity has impacted the big 3 in PSA 10, BASE SET 2.
Any help is much appreciated :blush:

@michael23,It definitely has I would say. Venusaur and Blastoise both go for over 1k with a recent blastoise selling for 2k. Charizard sells for around that range too… probably about 1.5k-2k, but that is bound to rise.

With PSA 10 the price will fluctuate with availability, so it can be priced high if none are available and lower if a few are sitting for a while. Base Set 2 is not always easy to grade.

If you can find any Charizards for that price let me know. I have cash in hand + $100 finders fee :blush:

Edit: +$500 to charity


NIL please

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I was thinking Leon’s :blush:


@jkanly,I satnd corrected. I thought that price was weird… I saw a GMA 10 and mistook it for psa 10. lol