Value of Mudkip Gold Star 1st Edition PSA 10

I was wondering if anyone could help with the price on a PSA 10 Mudkip Gold Star 1st Edition. I have only found one sold listing on eBay that seems to have gone for a best offer, but was originally listed for $1099 (Link). This seems awfully high from what I was expecting as the unlimited version in PSA 10 seems to only be around $350 at most (Link). These prices just don’t seem right to me, if anyone has information on this or could point me to some other sold listing that would be great.

I’d guess 800-1000.00

That seems to be a link to the English card, I was asking about the Japanese 1st Edition compared to the Japanese Unlimited. However I used the link you sent to search the price and yeah it seem the 1st edition is not that high. Thank you.

That is unless it went from $300ish to $1000ish since last August. :rage:

I would probably value similarly to the treecko which goes for about 300-350.

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Talking about the Japanese one… :blush: I sold one last year for that range. 300-350 is accurate.