Price check on PSA 10 1st Edition Japanese Torchic Gold Star

Wouldn’t fit in to the title but also looking for a price check on a PSA 9 1st edition Japanese Regice Gold Star.

I bought both of these cards raw off a guy a few months back, along with a few old EX era cards, for £260.
The regice was pre-screened a 9 and achieved it, however the torchic was pre-screened an 8 and got a 10!
(I Almost dropped my phone in shock when I saw Ludkins email with the grades this morning)

I’ve tried to do my research, but these cards don’t seem to have been sold recently (maybe because of their low pop).

There’s a Mudkip PSA 10 up for £800 from the same set - would the Torchic be similar? Or is it way overpriced? Torchic has a pop 37, while Mudkip has a pop 57, which makes it a fair bit rarer I guess?

Any info or guidance would be great.

Thanks :sunglasses:

Mudkips have been going for around $300-350 fairly frequently over the past year or so. I would place Torchic a bit higher in terms of value, maybe $450.


Awesome! Thanks Fourthstart :blush:

Any idea in terms of the regice?

And how do you find out this sort of information? Are you just heavily involved in the bidding markets, or do you have certain websites/sources? Would be really useful to know for future reference!

I would say this estimate is about right. The last sale of any psa 10 Japanese torchic star was an unlimited copy last month for 300 usd with best offer but I think the seller could have got a bit more for it tbh.

Regice I would probably place somewhere in the $75-100 range based on similar sold listings, but I don’t have personal experience with it so my numbers may be off!

I sold a Mudkip last year for that range and I believe there was a recent thread where we arrived on the $300-350 range as well. There aren’t a lot of websites/sources for this stuff beyond eBay, we have PokemonPrice for english cards but not much for Japanese. Depends a lot on supply/demand and market trends which are difficult to quantify and require being involved in the market fairly consistently.

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