UPCCC Ranking System

@frostyfluxy – In my experience…

Rank Posts (Minimum) Posts (Maximum)
Charmeleon 70 (?) 199
Charizard 200 499
Charizard Lv. X 500 999 (?)

* The segments with (?) indicate a tentative estimate number.

I have witnessed the number for Charizard Lv. X because mkpokecc was upgraded upon obtaining 500 posts.

In addition, Shining Charizard would probably be ∞ because it is the highest possible rank.

The only individuals who can confirm the numbers are the Administrators. I used to be an Administrator for a D20 Writing Forum via ProBoards. In my experience, Administrators can recall – and modify, the numbers and names used in ranking systems. (Admin > Manage Members > Modify Rankings).

I did this awhile back but didn’t know how anyone felt about it. We could always do a poll if people would prefer advanced trainer or different titles.