Pokemon Showdown

I bumped into a UPCCC member during a random battle. Anyone else been playing? It’s an online pokemon battle game, very well put together.



Yup! Love it :blush:

I love poke showdown. I hardly play though because of school…
My friend plays a TON on there though.


I love it too. Awesome site, only problem is it goes by Smogon rules which I have very many issues with. Words cannot describe how annoyed I was when they banned my beloved Greninja. RIP :heart_eyes:

Smogon being the generally accepted online tier/rule system is a huge double edged sword.
The idea of a tiered system is really really good, as some Pokemon, especially Legendaries are insanely OP and screw any balance. But Smogon take it WAY too far and have banned too many Pokemon from OU. When a Pokemon like Greninja gets banned to Ubers because it’s too powerful, then you know there is an issue.

On the other hand I love random battles on PS and have a decent ranking in that game tier.

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Play on there quite abit as well. Not a huge fan of the site however as it can be very haxy. Also alot of people don’t mind stalling you out for turns on end which can be a bummer if your on a time strain alot :[

I Didn’t play it for a while but if someone is interessted in some matches I would gladly play some matches :grin: