Poke MMO

I wonder if any of you have played/do play PokeMMO?
What do you think of it?
like/dislike, why?

Wait… There’s an MMO?


Lol my reaction also.

When was it released? it seems cool.

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I think it’s a fan made one.

Yeah I think so
if you wanted to try it

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What version do you play in? is it xy played as mmo, is there parties involved? hacks?

forgot which version I got
think it’s updated since I downloaded them
I Know if you find SHINY pokemon you can sell it for real life money lol

Seems really interesting. Might check it out once ive overplayed ORAS.

Reviving, anyone play?

If there ever was a Pokemon MMO on the level of WoW, my life would pretty much be over (for awhile).


Im surprised there is no official mmo yet. Would make so much money for nintendo

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I used to play Pokémon Revolution Online, it was quite fun. I didn’t get very far though.

I would buy a shit ton more systems, find those smart Russian/Chinese bot creators and RMT the living hell out of it.Like I should’ve done with WoW, L2 and Tera.

This is the only related thread I could find. I am almost finished playing through Kanto on PokeMMO and this game is phenomenal. I love playing Pokemon but being able to explore and battle with my friends online is crazy. I wish I had known about this game sooner. I can’t believe this thread was made in 2014.

I managed to get a few of my Non-Pokeloving friends to play and they are now super into it. 30+ hours in only a few days of gameplay!

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gotta give this a try XD

It’s super fun. The only thing better than a pokemon game is a pokemon game with your friends.

I remember playing it in highschool. Pretty fun, worked pretty well. It was fun to challenge other players that were at the same part of the game as me and see who would win. Was a little annoying when someone who had clearly already beat the game was trying to challenge players who hadn’t even beat misty year for some easy wins.

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Pretty sure both parties involved in any trade for IRL cash get perm banned so be careful, if not I have a shiny competative Charizard to sell lolI used to be a shiny trader on there for fun but kinda got bored once shinys lowered in value so much so don’t play much anymore. Super fun game though!