efour Pokemon Showdown Battles

Hey guys,

I thought it would be fun to try out some battles using Pokemon Showdown. An extremely easy to use Pokemon battle simulator which you can open in your browser or run on your PC. It lets you make a team with all appropriate IVs and EVs in 10 minutes.

We’d be looking at 6v6 OverUsed (OU) to start off with, possibly shaking things up with newer/older formats, different tiers, randomizers, etc.

Looking for at least 8 players to try this out with. If we have exactly 8 or 16 players we could try this out with elimination brackets, otherwise we’ll just go with Swiss.

You don’t need to have a team completely comprised of Pokemon from the OU tier list, you can use Pokemon from lower tiers in oU.

Pokemon Shwodown link here

Smogon link here

Generation 7 OU tier list hereLet me know if you’re up for it by commenting the name of your Showdown username and I will draw up standings. Want to try the first round with at least 8 players, then we can have standings or a leaderboard if people continue to be interested.


I’m in!

Showdown name: terrem10

Ooh man, I haven’t played showdown in years, it does seem like fun though. All my team’s were gimmicky.
I think my in-game name is mthursty still. Keep me informed!

I’m pretty rusty and I’m mostly new to gen 7. I’ll join depending on what time it is. I’ll make a new account later if I can’t remember my info.

4 more people and we can have the first tournament

It actually sounds pretty cool, I will join in the next couple days! Getting married today so won’t have time until after :blush:


wow and you still had time to comment here, good on ya :wink: