Efour Pokemon Battle Tournament - Generation 1

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Do you want to prove you are the very best?

We will be doing a bracket style Pokemon Battle Tournament using the pokemon and moves from Generation 1.

We will be using Pokemon Showdown and building our own teams for Battle.

Please click here and choose “[GEN 1] OU” to pre build your team. The platform will only list moves that are legitimate, so we we don’t need to check people for cheating.

Please post below saying you are interested and the brackets will be generated on the 8th of October.


50 posts on forum or 1000 discord posts minimum for entry.

Don’t be a deadbeat and ghost your opponent, only join up if you will have time for the battles.

If you all end up building the same team I will be personally disappointed in all of you


never done this before but sign me up

Im in!

I will play


Stance on spectating?

I should be down but may need some notice as its getting close to time where i go hunting and wont have internet

Put me in

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Players will have to coordinate when to battle, yes?

haha. testing the client out and of course, my first match, they rage quit. >_<

This system is surprisingly customizable.

it depends on the time, if I am free I would be interested

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Well you coordinate with people you are matched up with, so it will be whatever time suits both of you.

I’m sure people will post links to their wins in here, so we can’t stop spectating :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking some thing like this as well, VGC rules tho. Glad someone isn’t as lazy as I am and actually does something. Hopefully this isn’t one time thing since I have to skip this round but would love to battle in the future.

Sign me up!

I would want to… toyed with it a bit… but I realize, I really don’t have the time, and shouldn’t. Want to be respectful of my opponents. =)

Eh I’m in. Probably won’t be very good, but should be fun :slight_smile:

I’m in, whatever to defeat Admiral


Im in

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Never played Gen 1 before but it’s always been a format that interested me.

Sign me up (assuming I meet the post requisites)!

Excellent, brackets will be generated this Saturday my time, so stragglers have about 30 hours to finish signing up.


Well it seems that I will be working all Saturday I will call out to not disappoint anyone, this was my team anyways, have fun guys!!