Competitive Pokemon Battling

Is anyone into this here? I personally enjoy it quite a bit, although the current metagame is quite terrible tbh. I play on Showdown quite a bit, if anyone is interested in a battle, hit me up :blush:

I dont understand it properly but have wanted to for a while, but i wanna do that online trading game thingy… do you battle and is it good? What is showdown? I saw some battling thing on you r youtube, were you had the pokemon battling and shit… not sure what that was.

I believe @fourthstartcg is talking about non tcg games here, showdown is a computer version of the battles from the main games with match ups like on ptcgo I think but I have never used it.

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I play every now and then on Showdown. I never play tiers seriously, I usually just do a random battle.

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I was in Gen 5 really into it but I have to get used to gen 6 now :grin: and I also love showdown.

I might try it out soon

i used it all the time since i was heavily part of the competitive community for those unofficial formats. i agree that the oras formats are all pretty mediocre, but i still play a variety of the formats (or tiers as ps/smogon calls it) across gens there. you can hit me up if you want to talk about it or battle :0