How many are there?

Well I found some very interesting stuff for those of you that many have been wondering…this should give us a better idea of how many exist. Below is a list of the major trophies (Pre-2002 )that have been graded and the grades they received…this is from PSA only!

1997---------------- Grade --------- Total
No.1 Trainer Pikachu - 8(1) & 9(1) -------2
No.2 Trainer Pikachu - 8(1)---------------1
No.3 Trainer Pikachu - 8(2)---------------2

Pikachu Illustrator - 8,9 -----------------2
No.1 Trainer Pikachu - 8(1) & 9(1 ); CTA 10 2/3
No.2 Trainer Pikachu - 9(2) ; CTA 10 —2/3
No.3 Trainer Pikachu - 9(2) ;CTA 9 ------2/3
University Magikarp - 5,7,8,9(2)------------5
Kangaskhan Trophy - 8 (1), 9(3)-----------4
Kamex Computer Error - 7,9 ------------------2

No.1 trainer pikachu 8-----------------------1 *PSA Should have labeled as 1998 (Kamex mega battle)*
SSB No.1 Trainer - 10 (3)------------------3
SSB No.2 Trainer - 10 ---------------------1
SSB No.3 Trainer - 8, 10 -------------------2
TMB No.1 Trainer - 10----------------------1
Moltres Phone card - 8, 8.5-----------------2
Zapdos Phone card - 9(2),-----------------2
Articuno Phone card - 9-----------------------1
Tropical Wind - 5,8,8.5,9(2)--------------------5

Ninth Lucky Stadium - 8(2),10---------------3


SBR No.1 Trainer - 10(2)--------------------2
SBR No.2 Trainer - 10-----------------------1
SBR No.3 Trainer - 10-----------------------1

Note: PSA messed up the dates on the 97-99 Pikachus; however the count of how many were graded is accurate. Interesting to see that if you count all three years they are the most “common” of the lot. Let me know if you would know of anything I may have missed or would like to see and I will add it.

Mike, I went in and edited the 1997 stats. On the psa site it is incorrect on the year. There are only 2 copies of the 1997, mine and the one on ebay. The other one on there is a falsely graded 99 version that they mistakenly registered.

No there was wills…so two 97 and ill add the 99

The one on ebay is wills, there are only two.

Yeah…that’s what I said above? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh I thought you meant that there were 2 + Wills.

His cards have changed hands so many times that it is difficult to keep track. :confused:

No worries…I guess I phrased that weird. I’m surprised at the Lack of 2001’s and other trophy cards that should be up there.

I guess that most of them are still with japanese collectors. I think after worlds we will see some cards available. Lets say I have a hunch :blush:

Me too, worlds should bring out a whole bunch. But I have a feeling a really rare card may get graded soon :wink:

The PSA-8 one being sold by the Silvestros is truely 1997 (and used to be Will’s) correct?

Also, where is the other No. 2 Trainer Pika from 1997? Obviously one is Scott’s but where’s the other?

Scott doesn’t have a hunch; he’s hiding something

Weird…its lost in limbo.

What is? Did I miss something?

The second 1997 No. 2 Trainer Pikachu. Obviously there’s 2 1997 sets. Scott has a full set and the other No. 1 and No. 3 have been graded and have known locations (the other No. 1 is on eBay right now actually). However the other No. 2 hasn’t been graded, and if I’m not mistaken is somewhat “lost”? Is that correct?

Maybe the person who owns it never made it public…and scott does not have a fulll set

Oh yeah he’s missing No. 2 my bad. Who owns the known No. 2?

Some girl in germany. Either she got it graded…or the owner of tge second one did.

Damn you PSA for making me think when I shouldn’t have to. Looks like no one’s gunna be owning a '97 No. 2 for a while…

That’s why I’m writing them a letter with the next card I’m sendding them…ill be pissed if the mess up or ignore. It.