Unknown sample set Pichu?

Does anyone know which set this pichu belongs to? I found it while browsing the forums for some information on sample set cards and this one doesn’t seem to be included on bulbapedia in either the Japanese press conference or the space world sample set.
Link to the original post: Unreleased e-Reader cards?

Edit: Apparently I can’t read cause the original post said it’s from E3 2001. So does this mean it’s an English card? I can’t tell from this picture but since another picture of the sample set Dratini with English text was also presented at E3 2001, I guess this is an English card as well.

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That is probably a japanese card. Here is a close up of a Pikachu Japanese sample card.

Unfortunately we do not have much information on the japanese sample cards. Not much information slips out of Media Factory. Also, since they never changed ownership the japanese “sample” backstory is a bit different. This might also be a factor in why they never appear on the open market.

Are you sure this is a Japanese card? They displayed a previously Japanese-only sample set Dratini with English text at E3 2001 as well, as seen in the picture below. Though I suppose a Japanese variant would exist before they’d make an English variant for E3.

If it is Japanese though, which set do you think it belongs to? The press conference or space world set? (Asking this for the Japanese spreadsheet I’m working on since I’m not sure what to put it under. Maybe unnumbered promos if it can’t be determined to be either set)

Honestly I am not sure about the initial photo. I don’t think I see the word “sample” at the bottom of the pichu card. So perhaps it is different from the japanese Pikachu which has “sample” present. But that is is just an assumption on my part.

I know Pikachu is Space World. But that blurry photo is tough. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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