Pikachu sample card

Does anyone already see this sample card ?


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Can I has it :grin: wauw

The hole punch in the top so it can be on a keychain:

Relevant thread is relevant.

That being said, it’s incredibly likely these cards don’t exist to the general public like the English ones do. Japan is much better at keeping their cards released as they intended, and I have a feeling they are all in the PCL card archives they have.


Thank you for the link.
The cards are beautiful, it’s a pitty that they were not released …
Your thread should be highlighted because everyone like to see “ultra rare” card :blush:

There was one chance to purchase the Eevee, Pichu and Pikachu on YJA in last november : page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d161145983

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Please don’t bring this up again T_T

Does anyone have any screenshots or saved images from this auction?


I’m so jealous of whoever bought this lot for a measly 120,000 Japanese Yen (~1,1k USD) in 2014… Look at all those sample Pikachus (and the additional Eevees, Pichus, Mew, and others to potentially resell for a huge profit). :sob:



Ah, I’d seen these images before but had no idea they were from this auction. I figured it was just 1 of each of the cards in the auction but this was an absolute goldmine! Wow.