Underrated card: Misty's Treatment

I was wondering if the Misty’s Treatment card sealed in it’s orginal pack isn’t underrated/undervalued, since it’s an artwork limited to Japan, it’s old and it has Misty. The sealed CD pack seems to go for quite a low price



Low Pop as well

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Funny how small the CD is lol

It is a fairly obscure old back Japanese promo, so hard to say whether it is undervalued. However, not that many are typically available at any given time on eBay, so it would not take that much increased interest to quickly increase its price. The same can be said for several of the other original old school Japanese promos (e.g. dark fearow, suicune p/26), while others seem to have been printed in vast amounts (e.g. various corocoro promos). It would be fun to see an explosion in interest in the old Japanese promos similar to what we have seen this year with old English cards! Then we would learn a lot more about the relative supply for these cards.


Yay forgot to mention the PSA pop since I don’t collect graded cards, but it seems it’s not that easy of a 10.

Also the Imakuni Dance CD promo was quite underrated/undervalued, but I see now the selaed CD has gone up in price

Yeah it has I bought one earlier this year for like $60 and a PSA 9 for $60 good to hear it’s climbing definitely fits the AP

I’m unsure if it’s actually “sealed” sealed in its original Cd case - I bought a CD case with original price stickers on the foil and everything, but the promo was just inside some sort of team bag, not welded in plastic like play promos for example - which is why I will send the card off for grading. It’s very nice though receiving stuff like ANA promos or this one with as much extras that originally came with it as possible.

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Lots of old japanese promos like the Misty or Imakuni here of the Dragonite GB come in a little plastice bag sealed by a piece of scotch tape and the whole thing, like Misty, is contained inside something like a plastic case with CD and everything is sealed by a plastic bag that can be opened and close without damaging the ‘‘seal’’

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It’s a nice card. I just don’t think it stands out all that much from the other old back promos.

Doesn’t have a fancy release backstory, doesn’t have banned artwork, doesn’t contain a Charizard or is affiliated to a Zard in any way.

It does have the Pikachu Records symbol, which is kinda cool. It does have Misty and Lapras.
A the moment, I neither think it has the publicity, nor are there enough Misty, Lapras or Pikachu Records collectors there for it to really explode in value.

Neat artwork nontheless :blush:

Mmmh well it’s still a japanese exclusive artwork and Misty is sought after. For example Misty’s Tears had an explosion in price, it’s banned okay (but it’s the same as having an artwork limited to Japan). There aren’t many for sale and it doesn’t grade easily as a 10, also it’s still a unique promo for everyone that collects old japanese cards.

But yay it’s not well known to the majority of people and it’s a good thing when I’m buying it, but a bad thing when I’m selling it ahahahah

i also thought this card was underrated so i bought a sealed copy and recorded myself opening it lol. ill post the link in case anyone wants to see


Doumo arrigatou! I might get one myself after seeing this.

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I’m not done accumulating


I’ve had my one for 21 years and I plan on having it for another 21 years. It’s a lovely gentle peaceful card that we all need in these testing times.


Do we have any Lapras-only collectors? If not, I can foresee this video inspiring one. Thanks for taking the time to record it!

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I genuinely doubt it, we don’t have any Gyarados collectors in here! Can you believe it?


Easily my favorite Lapras card


ALL of the sealed japanese golden era promos are underrated and undervalued IMO. If I had money I’d be gobbling it all up.

Maybe not on this forum, but they do exist.

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