Uncut Vaporeon/Kangaskhan sheet

So I’m currently in the process of receiving this uncut Vaporeon/Kangaskhan sheet:

I am paying $150 for it. While I consider it an invaluable addition to my collection, I’m curious as to how much it is actually worth.


i dont see uncut sheets go alot but 150 is a so so price in my view.

I usually think of uncut sheets in the $75-125 range. Monetary value is not too high on them, it is mostly about personal preference.

Thanks for your responses! I actually don’t mind if I spent too much on it. Like I said, it’ll be a wonderful, unique addition.

I know a few collectors would be mad if I suggest this, but you should get a TON of those and make curtains with them xD
That’d be cool

If this was a facebook post I would totally like it. Or make wallpaper out of them! How cool would that be?