Triangle Base Set Box


is there a way to know this before opening the box?

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This guy annoys me for some reason, probably because he has the most amazing luck ever.

But he opened them all so…nothing?

or did he leave some sealed?

Think he only opened 8 of them. left the rest sealed so far

He’s an idiot if he opens all of them. If he wanted to open base set box he could sell those packs and buy multiple boxes.

Step 1: find Base set booster box full of error packs
Step 2: open some until you realize you’ve made mistake and content is much more valuable you paid for
Step 3: continue opening packs casually like nothing happened

What did I just watch? :grin:


An idiot.

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He only opened eight, but hey, they’re HIS booster packs. Honestly I probably would’ve done the same thing because opening a full box of base set cards would’ve been such an amazing moment.

It’s not always about money, guys. Remember that.


Except he could have sold those packs and bought 3 more boxes with the proceeds and opened all of them. If not an idiot then clueless.

Maybe he simply didn’t want to -shrug-. Again, not always about the money.

And again. he opened only 8 of the packs. :confused:

let’s just be happy he didn’t open all 36

I was about to post this video as well, I can’t believe the luck he’s had lately… No idea if he is going to open them all, he was asking people’s opinions about it if he should or not. If there’s another video in the next couple of days, yeah, he is going for it.

Smartest way would obviously to sell those packs and buy a new box. I can’t blame him to be an “idiot” though… he was so excited that he didn’t notice the error in the first place and tbh I didn’t notice that either until he said there was a triangle on those packs.

Just want to point out that he’s earning a pretty decent amount of money from his YouTube videos.

He gets a LOT of views. I’ve got friends doing 80+ million views on YouTube and they’re doing very well for themselves.

I’ve always wonder what will happen to some of these mid level YouTubers after they stop. They are making a decent living off of it but it’s nothing that will last till they retire. Even if he’s making a decent living being smart with the funds you do have is important.


I just cringe because like JWittz he starts a lot of fake rumours or “news”

For instance he said that the Giant Golden Magikarp Plushie is worth like $700. If that’s the case I’d like to sell mine! (lol)
I paid $150 shipped for mine and most people sell them between $150-200. I don’t understand him at all.

He’s the buzzfeed of the pokemon community


Yeah you’re spot on. You need to be diversifying revenue avenues, investments and even talents really.

The guy I referenced is actually doing 80+ Million views per month and has been for the last 2 years or so - and he’s set for life really.

Even if his YouTube career ends he’ll be able to walk straight into a presenting role of some sorts.

They do work like crazy though. Some at least.